Through the last 25 years, many building owners have installed their facilities with automatic door operators. Even though it’s not a requirement stated in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, this act has inspired the use of Automatic Operators as a way to provide more accessibility and convenience to those who have special needs. However, these products provide many more benefits than simply aiding the disabled. As more product and service options along with technological improvements have popped up throughout the last two decades, automatic door openers are installed for a number of reasons. Read on to learn more about why you should install automatic door openers in your place of business. Affordable Lock & Security Solutions is a top provider of security solutions in the Ocala area. If you’re looking for security camera installers, call Affordable Lock & Security Solutions today!


Why Automatic Door Operators Near Ocala Should Be Installed?


There are many reasons why automatic door operators should be installed at your place of business, and here we are going through just a few of them:

  • Preference- One of the most surprising reasons that facility managers may decide to install automatic door operators in their place of business is preference. Research has illustrated that consumers prefer automatic doors and expect to have them in place at hospitals, airports, hotels/motels, shopping mall entrances, and other public spaces
  • Style and Options- Nowadays there are a plethora of choices available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and designs in order to enhance a building’s unique style and make a great first impression to customers. 
  • Convenience- Security camera installers Affordable Lock & Security Solutions note that automatic doors help to demonstrate to users that the establishment cares about their convenience.
  • Ease of Use and Energy Savings- When automatic doors are installed and maintained in a proper manner, day-to-day operation is straightforward and trouble-free. This provides a direct return on investment through convenience and energy savings by being able to directly reduce annual heating/cooling costs.


Automatic Door Openers Near Ocala For Your Business


Lastly, the best reason that you as a business owner may want to install automatic door operators in your business area is to provide safety and access for all. When installed and adjusted properly with appropriate sensors, automatic doors can assist in minimizing risk of injury significantly, along with helping to welcome all users, regardless of their physical capabilities. Being able to have a safe way to provide access for all is a key component in your business, so that you can welcome all people who enter your business with an accommodating, open door. 


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Automatic door openers can be a valuable asset to your place of business. From saving on your energy bills and providing style and convenience to preference and ease of use, there are many  reasons why you may want to install automatic door operators in your commercial business. The most important may be, however, that you are providing safe way to offer access for everybody, and you can welcome all people who enter your business with an accommodating, open door. Call top security camera installers Affordable Lock & Security Solutions in Ocala for your automatic door operating needs today!

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