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Protecting your home or business shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg. That’s what Affordable Lock & Security Solutions is all about. Secure what matters most today.

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Locksmith Services

Far too often homeowners and businesses aren’t prepared for unforeseen events such as burglary, fires, floods, etc. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect yourself today with a high security safe.


User friendly and inexpensive security systems With other extremely useful features such as Integrated DVR, Alarms via Email, and Auto User Activation/Deactivation, SmartLock Pro is the ultimate solution for smaller organizations with simple requirements.

Access Control Systems

Home video surveillance systems can be installed by Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, allowing homeowners to view both the outside and inside of their home at their convenience through smartphones and tablets.

Security Cameras

Affordable Lock & Security Solutions is a Tampa owned and operated company, specializing in commercial and residential burglar alarm systems, and closed circuit TV camera systems

Burglar Alarms

At Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, we specialize in providing home automation services to homeowners in Tampa, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Clermont and the surrounding areas.

Home Automation

Here at Affordable Lock & Security Solutions we understand the importance of using quality brands. Therefore, Affordable Lock and Security Solutions is Tampa Bay’s largest and most trusted Medeco distributor. Our product range includes mechanical cylinders, locks and padlocks, electromechanical locking systems and automatic assembly and key-cutting machines. We are the locksmith Ocala FL and all of Central Florida needs!

Full Service Locksmith

A swing door operator is beneficial for any commercial, retail, or industrial environment, bestowing any manual door with the complete, effortless convenience of an automatic door.

Automatic Door Operator

Did you recently lose your dealer key or remote key? Are you scared that you might lose it? Here at Affordable Lock & Security Solutions are here to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Car Remotes and Dealers Keys

You see the news every morning and hear about all the recent burglaries and crime going on. It makes you quite worried. What can you do about it? Why not take advantage of high security door locks.

High Security Locks

Our Mission Statement

Affordable Lock & Security is a “Full Service Locksmith & Security Company” which constantly strives to provide our customers with the best quality mechanical and electronic security products and services at competitive prices, while maintaining a consistently higher level of customer service than any of our competitors. This is accomplished by employing trained technicians, providing them with solid support to provide a Customer Experience that is second to none.

Commercial & Residential Locksmith Services

At Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, we provide locksmithing services and security systems for both your home and your business, so that you feel safe no matter where you are.

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Commercial Locksmith

Whether you run an office setting or a jewelry retail store, security is nothing to take lightly. You not only want to make sure no one can get in, but you also want to be able to monitor your premises 24/7, as many thieves operate in broad daylight. At Affordable Lock & Security, we offer a wide array of services that are helpful to many businesses, at prices they can afford. These services include security cameras, access control systems (which can help track and limit who goes in and out at certain times and provide an alarm system), automatic door operators and more!

Residential Locksmith

Your home is where you keep your most previous goods: your family. Keep them safe with a number of safety measures provided by Affordable Lock & Security. Some people install a combination of security cameras, burglar alarms, and high security locks, but more and more are opting for full home automation. This service controls and integrates all home security mechanisms into one easy-to-control system, including window and door locks, video surveillance, and more.

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We’re Affordable & Fast, Get A Quote Today!


Affordable Lock’s Security Solutions

Welcome to Affordable Lock & Security Solutions. We provide services to provide total security for every facet of life for residential, commercial, and industrial customers the locksmith Ocala FL, Tampa, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Clermont, The Villages and surrounding areas locals need. Whether you need service for your home or business, we offer full service residential locksmith, commercial locksmith and industrial security services to keep your home or business completely secure. We offer a wide range of services from basic lock and key residential locksmith service to large master key and access control systems, high security locks, closed circuit television networks, home automation systems and burglar alarms. In addition to equipment installation, we provide services to maintain and upgrade these systems. Affordable Lock & Security Solutions is a BBB A+ Accredited Business and a board member of the Florida West Coast Locksmith Association, ALOA Security Professionals Association, and SERLAC. If you need a residential locksmith, commercial locksmith or emergency locksmith in West Florida and Central Florida, please browse our website to learn more about access control, safes, security cameras, high security locks, and our other products and services. Call Affordable Lock & Security Solutions today at 888-999-LOCK for a free consultation to learn how we can help keep your house or business safe.


When you’re typing “locksmith Ocala FL” into your search bar, you’re not just looking for the lowest prices. You’re placing your business, or potentially even your home, into the hands of someone promising the best possible protection of your loved ones and valued items. Make sure you’re trusting a professional who takes the time to learn their client’s needs, give them advice, and at the end of it all, ask them if there’s any more we can do to help them feel safe. Many of our customers have felt this way about Affordable Lock & Security Solutions. Share your story with us or check out others below!

Tony was our technician. He was prompt and knowledgeable. We needed new filing cabinet keys. He wasn’t able to get the proper key, so he made and filed a key by hand to get a key that would work!

Samantha Abreu – 8/14/21

Excellent Company with great locksmiths. Greg is one of the best!

Johner Torres – 8/04/21

I wish I could “clone” ya’ll! Bobbie + All Techs

Jan Braun of Star Lock & Key – 8/17/21

Gary Rao recently completed work @ my home in Oldsmar. Mr. Rao deserves a 5-Star rating for his professional work and ethics. Thank You

Kristie Stormer Ducote – 8/13/21

Larry [Wyre] did very good on the install.

Stan of Cody’s Belleair LLC – 8/13/21

She stated that in 26 years she has never had a technician as good as Gary, He went above the call of duty, made her feel safe and made sure she understood the work that was being done. He is deserves way more than 5 stars.

Kristy Stormer – 8/12/21

Christine, Thank you for all the years of service. I think our account(s) go back to a date between 1998 and 2004, not sure. I deeply appreciate the many years of service that we have received from initially Acme Lock and subsequently Affordable Lock. I deeply value and appreciate these years of service.

Bill Planes

I work with a large number of locksmiths and always find your team to be professional and knowledgeable. Dan Hankins is especially great to work with.

Charlie Ann Aldridge of Empire Management Group – 8/20/21

Tech. Tony P. did a great job for us. He was able to fix the troubled lock right away. Also, he checked and lubed our other locks which were set with that key. I will definitely advise my neighbors & friends about your service:) Thanks

Ron Jones – 8/17/21

Good price on what most of us need 99% of the time: a reliable key made. The only alternative is down the street at a big box hardware store with an employee clicking buttons on the screen of a machine that does everything for them. Then they hand you the key saying “If it doesn’t work just bring it back for a refund . . . “.
This place was $1.11 more than the hardware key, but add some $$$ to your hardware receipt for time and gasoline. If your key is anything remotely different than a standard house key, save yourself some headache and frustration. Affordable Lock & Security folks are helpful and most importantly they know what they’re doing. Mike J.

Kelly Nall

Juan came out on time the morning after I called. He replaced front door deadbolt and lever handle/lock quickly and efficiently and set it so I can use the same key as my garage door and storm door. He was very professional, polite and quick. I cannot say enough good things about him and his expertise.


The technician that came to my home was excellent! Larry Antich

Marty Levin – 8/31/21

Said Larry [A] did an excellent job and was very professional. He will definitely use us in the future.
Bruce Jayne – 8/17/21

Always a good experience when we use the services of Affordable Lock and Security.


“Larry [Antich] was the nicest and most polite young man.”

Ms Moore – 8/4/21

Excellent experience which far exceeded my expectations. This company had my automobile FOB and keys in stock (which other online companies didn’t) and charged me about $300 less than the local dealership was going to charge me. Mark was quick, efficient and had me in and out with new key and FOB sets in 15 minutes. Online companies had given me an ETA of a week or more. Local dealership was unfriendly and monopolistic. For duplicate auto keys, I will always check here first from now on. Thanks Mark!

John August – 8/04/21

Thank you, Juan was very professional and quick.

Angela of the Marion County Homeless Council – 8/20/21

Affordable Lock & Security Solutions have really great services. I am satisfied with Fast service and excellent communication on time of arrival and date of work to be completed. The quality and professional demeanor of your employees was absolutely great. I wish more people I deal with had Larry [Wyre’s] patience and skill set. Thanks again. incredibly personable. Overall, I had a great experience and would definitely consider Affordable Lock in the future.

Ella jon – 8/25/21

The name Affordable Lock & Security Solution is true. They Truly provide lock system in affordable price. I had a problem in my safety locker. I tried to open lot of time, but it not opened. Then I found Affordable Lock & Security Solution. They opened my locker within a minutes and I found really helpful.

Daniel Wal – 8/19/21

I was in your Tampa location earlier today, and the gentleman in glasses who works the counter made me a key for my 2012 Ford Focus. I didn’t have the vehicle with me so we couldn’t test the key, but when I got home I tested it out and it works amazing! If you could let him know I appreciate his efforts with the key I would appreciate it. I will definitely come to you all in the future for my key needs. Thank you! Chandler

Wanda Ligma – 8/27/21

Industries We Serve

At Affordable Lock & Security, we provide all kinds of security solutions to all kinds of industries, allowing you to feel safe no matter where you are. Check out a few of these industries below.


Multi-Family Communities

Retail Stores

Office Buildings

Affordable Lock & Security Solutions’ Commercial Locksmith Success

The Experts in Local Security Solutions

For all of your commercial & residential security needs, call Affordable Lock & Security Solutions. We have proudly served Tampa Bay and Central Florida since 1970. With a variety of services, we guarantee there’s an affordable solution for you!

We’re Affordable & Fast, Get A Quote Today!

Latest Security News

Stay up to date on all the latest gadgets and technology the locksmith Ocala FL locals trust has to offer. Learn some tips and tricks for keeping your home or business safe. Compare and contrast different types of security systems. We provide our customers with all the latest information so they can stay on top of keeping their valuables and loved ones safe, giving them the ability to make the most informed decisions when working with their security company. Searching for a “security company near me” you can trust? We’ll help you be prepared. Follow our blog to stay updated!

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Affordable Lock & Security has been serving Tampa and the Central Florida area with pride for 50 years!! And we haven’t gone all this time unnoticed. Throughout this half-century, we’ve watched the field of home and business security grow tremendously, and we’ve stayed on top of these changes, always integrating the latest technology and most innovative methods into our services.
What’s really kept us going all these years, however, is you, our customers. We do not take the trust you place in us lightly, and every day we strive to uphold the standards that have earned us this trust for many decades. As a testament to our hard work and dedication, we have been honored with a number of awards, which you can check out below.
If you’re tired of searching “security company near me” into your search bar, check out the company that Tampa and Central Florida has trusted for five whole decades. Get in touch now.

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