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Automate Your Home With Our Smart Security Lock System

Smart home automation systems are designed to simplify your home technology and respond actively to your needs and enhance your home security lock system. At Affordable Lock and Security Solutions, we specialize in transforming your home into a smart home automation system improving your security lock system.

Whether you want to control your lighting, thermostats, security lock system, unlocking and locking windows and doors, home cinemas, and many more.

We provide a convenient and reliable control system that allows homeowners to manage their homes with a simple, smart home technology system.

Affordable Lock & Security Home Automation Services

Here are the home automation services Affordable Lock and Security Solutions provides for homeowners in Florida to enhance their home lock system.

Smart Lock

Alarms & Security Lock

Installing a smart home automation security system will give you more benefits and functionality for your security lock system and your home security alarm.

The sensors and status of your security lock system will be made to trigger other events once the smart security lock system is integrated with your alarm. For instance, Opening your front door can turn on your inside lights to welcome you at night or trigger your alarm as you leave and can turn off your lights, adjust your temperatures, and lock your doors.

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Thermostat Control

Adding a smart home automation system thermostat to your home provides you with added intelligence when you are away from home. You can set your thermostat to automatically adjust your blinds or lighting to cut down unwanted heat or cold, helping you save money on heating and cooling.
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Video Surveillance

Adding a smart video surveillance system allows numerous systems in your home to work together, enhancing the security lock system. The latest smart video surveillance camera can sense a person approaching your door or a trespasser.

This can trigger a security lock system; your doors may lock going full into a full lock system, a voice notification could be broadcast through your speakers to alarm a prospective trespasser, and you would receive a text message. You can then use your home automation app to view the cameras and have complete control over your home lock system.

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Lighting Control

A single press of your smart home automation lighting control sets a specific scenario, and you can adjust the music and temperature to an optimal level. A single button click at night can set your security lock alarm system to remain and lower your light intensity, making it easier to unwind before bed. A lighting control system will provide the maximum convenience for any size of home.

Upgrade Your Home Security Lock System To Keep You Safe Through Home Automation

Our company’s services include home automation for homeowners or residents in Palm Harbor, Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Clermont, and Brandon, including the surrounding areas for security. Need a locksmith in Florida? Contact Florida’s most reputable locksmith, the award-winning company, today!

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