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Are the GSA safes and doors fireproof or waterproof?

No. GSA Approved Safes and doors are not fire rated or waterproof.

Can I purchase a refurbished/used container or lock?
The locking mechanism will be lubricated and tested, and all hardware should be working like new.
Can I receive credit or trade-in my used container?
No, GSA does not provide credit or accept trade-ins of used GSA Approved containers.
Do I need to post my requirement on GSA eBuy?
All contractors must register with the Vendor Support Center (VSC) to participate in eBuy and receive RFQs.
Do I need to replace my container if it has a black label?
It is highly recommended to replace “Black Label” containers. These containers are at least 25 years old and are all nearing the end of their expected life cycle.
How do I dispose of my locks or GSA approved security containers?
Disposal of GSA approved security containers should be left to the discretion of the agency/command security officer or equivalent authority. If the container is owned by a Department of Defense agency, the DLA Disposition Service (formerly DRMO/DRMS) handles military property that is no longer needed.
How do I find a qualified locksmith to work on my GSA security container?
How do I find a qualified locksmith to work on my GSA security container? Please call the DoD Lock Program Technical Support Hotline at 800-290-7607, 805-982-1212, DSN 551-1212, or by visiting the DoD Lock Program website.
If the vault door is missing any other label besides the GSA approved vault door label, does it fail inspection?
No. GSA considers vault doors with the GSA Approval label compliant (provided no other modifications/damage to the door are present) regardless of the other labels. DSS inspectors also follow this criteria and this is the basis for the AR 190-11 provision.
What is the difference between a Style 1 and a Style 2 lock?
The Style 1 lock (Kaba-Mas) has a digital readout, the Style 2 lock (S&G) has indented numbers and marks. The Style 2 lock has some networkability whereas the Style 1 does not. The Style 1 lock utilizes electromechanical movement of the knob to energize the digital display and does not require batteries, while the Style 2 lock works as an electronic lock from the inside and does require batteries. To learn more about the lock features, please visit the manufacturers’ websites.
Where do I purchase the Information Processing System (IPS) Containers?
Federal Specifications and Qualified Product Lists (QPLs) are located at the NAVFAC Department of Defense (DoD) Lock Program website.
Who do I contact to have my container re-certified?
Contact the DoD Lock Program Technical Support Hotline, (800) 290-7607, if you have any questions about the inspection / recertification process. A GSA-approved security container must be repaired in accordance with FED-STD-809D.
Can anyone buy a security container from GSA?
No. Only government agencies can purchase the containers and vault doors through the GSA procurement channel.
Can I lease a GSA Approved Safe?
No. Due to the security level, GSA does not lease the “GSA Approved” safes.
Does it really take 90 days to receive a security container?
Safes are made to order. Shipment terms are 90 days, but most vendors ship within 10 to 75 days after receiving the order.
How do I determine what GSA-approved security container I should order?
  • Determine whether the material to be stored in the container is classified or arms, ammunition, and explosives (AA&E). See the Storage Matrix tool on the DoD Lock Program site.
  • Figure out how much material there is so the size of the container can be selected (e.g. single-drawer, 2-drawer, 4-drawer, or 5-drawer).
  • Decide how many locks are needed on the container — one per container or one per drawer.
  • Finally, view the Class 5 and 6 Security Container catalog.
How do I know which container, National Stock Number (NSN) I should purchase
View the Class 5 and 6 Security Container catalog. These files will list which National Stock Numbers are available for purchase, along with their dimensions, color, and accessories.
Where do I go to place my online order?
All security container orders must come through GSA procurement channels. You may place your order on GSA Global Supply or GSA Advantage! Prices and terms are the same.
Does GSA accept a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR)?
It depends. If your order is above $250,000, GSA will accept MIPR orders. However, it is not preferable as there are all kinds of contortions involved. Otherwise, you may use your Government Purchase Card (GPC), Activity Address Code (AAC), or Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) for your security container purchase.
Does GSA accept a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR)?

It depends. If your order is above $250,000, GSA will accept MIPR orders. However, it is not preferable as there are all kinds of contortions involved. Otherwise, you may use your Government Purchase Card (GPC), Activity Address Code (AAC), or Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) for your security container purchase.

How do I process payment through DFAS?
When looking up the GSA Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) in your system, enter and the name will show as Heartland Finance Center.
How do I request an Activity Address Code (AAC or DoDAAC)?
Designated points of contact at military and civilian agencies work closely with GSA to coordinate the management of Activity Address Codes. To identify your agency coordinator and initiate a request for a new AAC, see the relevant list of liaisons for Civilian Agency AAC contacts.
What is an AAC or DoDAAC?
AAC stands for Activity Address Code and DoDAAC stands for Department of Defense Activity Address Code. All Military agencies have a DoDAAC and non Military agencies use an AAC. You can get these codes from your finance office or your contracting officer.
If I’m paying with a Government Purchase Card (GPC), do I still need my AAC when placing my order online?
No, you should be able to use an interim AAC (700ADV) to place your order as long as you are paying by Government Purchase Card. If you are utilizing direct payments through the treasury, you will have to obtain an AAC for your specific agency. AACs are set up by each agency individually.
I need a GSA-approved security container to replace a container that is not approved. Where can I go to get a replacement without having to purchase a new one?
DLA Disposition Service (formerly DRMO/DRMS) handles military property that is no longer needed. Contact them by at 877-352-2255. The GSA approval label must be removed from the container before it is sent to the DLA Disposition Service, so you will need to have the container inspected and (if it passes the inspection) relabeled before it is approved.
Can I make modifications/alterations to the container?
a. No. All GSA Approved containers are designed, tested and approved to Federal Specifications. Any modifications of the containers from the approved design invalidates the approval. The limitations on modifications for GSA Approved equipment are found in Federal Standard, FED-STD-809 [PDF]. Para 4.2 Repair states, “GSA approved containers and vault doors that have been opened or repaired in a manner other than as described herein are not considered to have been restored to their original state of security integrity.”

The “Test Certification” label on the inside of the locking drawer or door, and the “General Services Administration Approved Security Container/Vault Door” label on the outside of the container/door will be removed. Therefore, the only approved or allowed modifications are the repairs to neutralization or replacement of parts such as drawer slides and handles.

What lock comes with the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) GSA Approved containers?

All FMS orders for containers which require mechanical locks will continue to use the S&G 2937 in accordance with Federal Specification FF-L-2937 [PDF] as there is no limited use requirement. This includes Field Safes, Weapons Containers, and Armory Vault Doors.

How do I determine the appropriate storage for given materials?

Within the DoD, certain materials must be stored in specific ways. For storage requirements, please visit the DoD Lock Program.


For additional questions, Call the DoD Lock Program Technical Support Hotline at 800-290-7607, 805-982-1212, or DSN 551-1212.

I want all my doors in the house to open with one key. Is this possible?

It Is Not Always Possible to Open All Locks with One Key

If your locks are made by different brands or are of different types, you may have no choice but to use different keys for each one, unless you want to replace the locks with ones made by the same manufacturer.

Do I need to change my locks or just need my existing locks re-keyed?

You should only change your locks if you want or need new ones because it’s generally more expensive than simply having your locks rekeyed. For example, if your locks are old and wearing out, changing them will be a better option than rekeying them.

Do locksmiths have a “master” key that fits all locks?

Patent-protection assures that only certified individuals are allowed to have keys duplicated. In a Master Key System one key can operate different types of locks (for example, door locks, cabinet locks, padlocks, etc.) as long as the cylinder inside them is of the same model.


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William Whichello
17:01 06 Apr 22
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Friendly service. Fast and affordable. I will bring all my lock and key business here going forward.
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Ed Cofrancesco
18:21 09 Jun 21
Fantastic Job! The tech that came, Larry, was very professional and friendly. I have used their location in Altamonte... Springs before but this was the first time using their Tampa location. Just like the guys from Altamonte, Larry did a terrific more
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20:56 11 May 21
These were the ONLY locksmiths that were able to duplicate my motorcycle key. Highly recommended. Friendly and... more
Kathi Harwell
Kathi Harwell
14:26 09 Apr 21
Will was very nice and knowledgeable. He quickly and neatly rekeyed the door lock to our church to match our keys. He... was very pleasant to work with. we will definitely use this company for our lock and key needs!read more
Mark Ellison
Mark Ellison
17:10 12 Nov 20
I’ve used them before when I needed a new car chip key because the original broke. Well, the same thing happened again... about a year and a half later. Now they tell me it’s a better key and comes with a 2 year warranty that they just started today, 11.12.2020. Sounds a bit sketchy to me. I won’t be using them more
Kadeem Samuels
Kadeem Samuels
20:10 10 Oct 20
The guys that came and unlocked my door were great! They were in and out in under 30 minutes. They were efficient and... professional. They also gave me a veterans discount. Thank you guys, for being awesome!read more
Dankowski Detectors
Dankowski Detectors
17:55 10 Oct 20
Fast, reasonable prices. The owner made a non- chipped key first to see if I could save $80.00. It wouldn"t start the... car, but does unlock the door. He gave it to me for free, would have to throw it out more
todd hare
todd hare
01:34 28 Sep 20
Fixed my key fob & made a duplicate key in no time. Great customer service!
Jalyn Vance
Jalyn Vance
19:05 18 Sep 20
I could not be happier about the service I received from Affordable Lock today. We've used their services in the past... and they've always been prompt and reliable, but today they went out of their way. My company owns a shopping center and a leasing agent wasn't able to access a vacant space to show to a potential tenant. I called them first thing this morning and they went out of their way to get some one on site within a very short window of time. I highly recommend them!read more
Veronica Carr
Veronica Carr
14:49 16 Sep 20
Paul the older gentlemen was a professional! Mike the younger man was very rude and giggled at me when asked to use the... restroom. Which I must leave the business to do. Still $150 for a cut and programmed key is a good deal. The key I ordered off the internet did not work. Just gotta deal with disrespectful young adultsread more
Rebecca Bryant
Rebecca Bryant
21:11 28 Aug 20
They installed cameras in all of our locations. Great job and very professional.
analia garet
analia garet
23:04 27 Aug 20
Will was very professional and changed all my locks for me. He was quick and efficient!!
Bill Knowles
Bill Knowles
18:30 18 Aug 20
In & out with spare car key for 2012 Kia Soul in minutes. Great service.
Pasco Performing Arts Council
Pasco Performing Arts Council
12:39 19 Jun 20
Affordable Lock and Key was extremely professional and on time. Communicated the process to us prior to work starting... and charged us a reasonable rate. We highly recommend this company for your security and lock needs!read more
Greg King
Greg King
23:00 09 Jun 20
Fast, friendly & helpful. Fair prices. They also have a retail storefront and sell a variety of safes, locks, door... hardware, and many lock/security more
Maureen Jacob Waleski
Maureen Jacob Waleski
00:36 06 May 20
Michael called before he came. He was on time with his arrival. He introduced himself properly. He was kind,... respectful and patient. He was able to give me insight into lock safety habits.The job took 4 hours and thirty minutes. I was not expecting the job to take that long.I did have to call my neighbor to come over and assist Michael with some tasks he was unfamiliar with. Michael appeared unsure or not very comfortable with doing this type of work.It is unclear, however the doorknob on the shed was not able to be put back together in working order.I will now have to purchase a new one and get that tumbler rekeyed to match the deadbolt.I believe Michael would benefit from additional on the job more
Natalie McCamis
Natalie McCamis
15:02 20 Apr 20
Great customer service and great pricing. Truly helped me in a time of need. Truly a great company and great people!... Thank you so much for all your help:)read more
Joevanny Rivera
Joevanny Rivera
16:39 18 Mar 20
They were able to make copies of keys for me where other places told me they couldn't. I only wish car keys weren't so... expensive to copy, but that is the norm more
21:49 05 Feb 20
Programed and cut transponder key for 2003 f150 at a fraction of others cost. Highly recommend. Will be a repeat... customer. Thanks againread more
Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark
17:55 05 Jan 20
I am not convinced of the integrity of this business.I was told that the brand new key I got from another vendor was... defective and unprogrammable, and that I would have to purchase one from his shop for nearly twice the price if I wanted something reliable. The locksmith did no troubleshooting and I was not convinced, so I took the key out to my car, followed the instructions from the website where I bought the key, and successfully programmed the key to the doors myself. I imagine it was pretty awkward when I, someone with zero programming or locksmithing experience, walked back into the shop and told him I got it working just fine.Many more questionable things happened after that and I’ll save the long story. Ultimately, had I not been vigilant, I would have gotten scammed out of roughly $115.I’d recommend steering clear of this place.EDIT: I did not plan on elaborating the whole story, but in response to the owners reply, it seems as though it may be necessary now.After I came back in to the shop from having programmed the key to the doors, the technician asked me if it would start the car in addition to unlocking the doors. I went back out and tried it, and it would not. He told me that most keys from outside vendors were defective and that my key was one of them. (He also claimed that he was the one who programmed it to unlock the doors, which he clearly was not as the key had no effects until after I was finished with it).So I called the vendor from which I bought the key and spoke with someone who informed me that he had assembled the keys himself and that there were almost never any issues with my particular make and model. He advised me to ask the technician if he had a chip tester, to make sure that the key was compatible with my car. I asked, and sure enough, the technician did have access to a chip tester, and the chips were compatible. It seems to me that that should have been the first thing he did after experiencing any trouble with programming, but like I said, he never did any troubleshooting of any sort.So after determining that the chips were, in fact, compatible, he decided to give it another try. Sure enough, my key was fine, and the key started up the car just fine.Shouldn't he have known to test the chip for compatibility before giving up on it? is it not his job to know?Meanwhile, while I was on the phone with the vendor, my mom was present and also had a key from the same vendor. He took her key out to the car to program it, and she followed him out to tell him that she didn't want him to do it, because she didn't want to be charged $62 only to be told that her key was defective (and yes, that was the price, $62 whether it worked or not). He told her not to worry about it and did it anyway. Later, he attempted to charge full price for programming both keys, despite the fact that my mom was very clear about not wanting to pay for that service.So yes, in the end, he charged us only for cutting the two keys, but only because my mom called him out on charging her for something she had not agreed to, and again for something which he would have completely failed to do without our intervention.Once again, I am not convinced of the integrity of this place. Steer more
Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker
12:46 17 Dec 19
Will was well prepared and fast, will use this company again.
nicolas Colorado,MD
nicolas Colorado,MD
17:39 29 Nov 19
Even though the job became more complicated, William still kept his cool and persevered until the job was completed.... Thank you,Dr Nick and Kathy Coloradoread more
Karen Burch
Karen Burch
20:49 22 Aug 19
Paul is very knowledgeable he helped me with fixing a broken chip key for my car and Mike worked his magic to bring the... key back to life so I didnt have to order a new key. Just replaced it. Very fast and honest. I was in and outread more
Linda B
Linda B
16:41 02 Dec 17
I forgot my keys! Affordable Lock arrived within 20 minutes. The technician, Matt, appeared neat and clean. He was able... to get the back door opened fairly quickly with some special tools and no damage to the lock or the door. He did not make any mess and was very professional but friendly. The price was very fair for such quick service. Thanks!(I just realized I put this on the wrong location so I'll put a copy for the Tampa store, which is the location I used.)read more
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