Does your store have an automatic door operator? Enhance your store’s security by getting one professionally installed! Affordable Lock & Security Solutions has been one of the most trusted locksmiths in the Altamonte Springs area (and beyond) for nearly fifty years! We provide safes for sale to protect what’s inside your store, automatic doors to protect it from the outside, and the skills to install everything in between! Set up your installation today!

Why Automatic Doors Operator in Altamonte Springs Are Useful?

Automatic doors are useful for a variety of functions, both practical and safety-wise. For one, automatic doors improve the flow of traffic into your store, making a more enjoyable experience for your customers. These doors also utilize a microprocessor unit, making them capable of a number of things, such as full mechanical stops, touchless sensors, incorporated fire alarms, and electrified locks. This helps you keep track of who’s entering your store and keeps out those you do not want to enter upon emergency.

Touchless activation sensors are especially important right now during the coronavirus pandemic, allowing your customers and employees to venture safely into your store without needing to touch the door handles, a highly cross contaminated point for germs.

Clearly, automatic doors can contribute much to your store’s functionality and security. All that is left is to decide which doors to install, and who should install them.

Have Your Automatic Door Operator Installed Professionally?

Adding automatic doors to your store’s security system brings many benefits, but it’s important that they are installed properly. That’s why you want the help of a professional locksmith company, like Affordable Lock! We’ll make sure your doors are not only installed properly but are easy to use alongside the rest of your store’s equipment. Here’s a few more reasons to go with a professional installer instead of attempting to put in automatic doors yourself:

  • Professionals only work with professional equipment, and they know just where to find and how to install it, enhancing your store’s security. They will be used to any possible challenges or complications that might get in the way and know how to overcome them. With the right equipment and right installation, your door will be properly balanced and hung, extending its lifespan
  • A professional can do much more than simply install your automatic door. They are capable of examining your entire premises, pinpointing its weaker spots that you might not have been aware of, giving solutions on how to protect your store. They can also make a plan that satisfies your corporate security policy with ease.
  • Likewise, your installation professional will analyze and synchronize the type of electrical control systems already in place with your store, so that it is easy to use your new automatic door opener, fitting perfectly into your store’s security plan.

Affordable Lock is known not just as a trusted locksmith, but as a provider of all kinds of security equipment. From automatic door openers to safes for sale, we’ll help you protect what matters most to you!

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