When you have an access control reader for your business, there are some things to consider. Weigh the absolute need for security, and the realities of convenient access day-to-day for those using it. The high-traffic areas won’t be protected the same way if the control reader’s guard is less accessed on-site at your facilities. Affordable Lock & Security Solutions protect your property with quality control access readers in Ocala. 

Common Access Readers

The most common are these:

  • Keypad readers

Keypads have two types: a magnetic strip key card or proximity card reader. The magnetic strip acts like credit cards, you swipe them in a physical reader. Whereas the proximity cards use an RFID signal to communicate within the reader from a distance.

In terms of function, they work very similarly. Both readers access the card, identify it, then grant access according to the pre-programmed rules. They also log the history of each card which has been used, then downloads the companion system that’s also used to update the program as well.

If you have a card reader for access control, consider whether to install wireless keycard readers as well. They are battery powered and not interconnected, but a wired key card will connect to the central hub.

  • Keypad readers

The basics of a keypad is to simply push a customized code to unlock the door. The similarities between wired or isolated hold the function, but something more needs to be considered: is this secure enough?

While there really isn’t a short answer, the basic response is there are pros and cons to each. Access control PINs are only secure as they people they’re given to. A key card can be pickpocketed or copied, or can be observed entering a PIN. 

  • Two-factor authentication readers

Using two access control protocols together is more secure than either option alone. Theoretically, you can wire two readers with access points, so that there are many control readers that accept card-and-code combinations. This way you double security measures.

Which Option is Safest?

  • Biometric fingerprint readers

This option, which means the measure of the living, is harder to fool. Fingerprints are very distinctive, and the technology readers are proven for biometric access control. They are more expensive, but if security is your concern for your business, these are the safest options. Pair these with a key card or keypad readers, and your three measures of security protect your business that much more.

Choose The Best Solution

Affordable Lock & Security will help you choose what option is best for you to protect your business. We protect Ocala with our access readers and highly recommend implementing the two-factor or three-factor access to protect your property. Want other options? Give us a call and we’ll give you our expert advice on how to take more measures for safety and access for you and your employees. 

We’re the best when it comes to installing, planning, and providing access control systems. We guarantee our work will have ongoing maintenance. Call us today for a site audit and no-obligation quote!