The number one thought on many people’s minds these days is a single question: what can we do to stop the spread of COVID-19? This worldwide pandemic has many sheltering inside, doing their part to avoid contracting the virus themselves, and from passing it along to others. Unfortunately, however, COVID-19 is passed around rather easily, making many Brandon business owners hesitant to reopen, and consumers hesitant to venture out. One easy solution to help stop the spread is the installation of touchless doors! We at Affordable Lock & Security know how imperative it is for you to stay in business, while protecting the health of the public. We can help improve your business by installing an automatic door opener! Get help from the best “locksmith near me” today! Call for a quote now!

Automatic Door Opener in Brandon – The Dangers of Door Handles

Did you know that damp hands are capable of spreading 1,000 times more germs than dry hands? All that handwashing may be a double-edged sword after all. (Though you most certainly should keep washing your hands! Just make sure to dry them too.)

Coronavirus germs have been found to last on a variety of everyday surfaces, from just a few hours to nearly a week after being touched. They can then be easily spread to more hands, mouths, and noses through air or touch. Door handles are some of the most cross-contaminated touchpoints around. While many businesses are doing their best to give their facilities constant, thorough cleaning, some areas like this are just hard to keep up with.

Though the state is slowly starting to open back up, many are worried about the continued spread of the virus, especially with increased traffic to stores or office buildings. While this may help improve your business financially, you don’t want to risk the health of your employees and guests.

Eliminate this danger with automatic doors! It’s one less thing to touch, one more way to stop the spread!

Halt the Spread With An Automatic Door Opener in Brandon

A locksmith might not be your first thought for getting equipment to stop the spread of germs, but here at Affordable Lock and Security, we’ve got all kinds of solutions for improved security and customer service. One of these many systems is our automatic door systems. This allows for touchless entry, letting your customers, guests, and employees enter the building without the need to come in contact with the same door handle fifty people have already touched that day. The next step up from automatic doors is an access control system. If you run an office, rather than a retail building, you might benefit from limiting the premises to a certain number of people, who are able to get in with keyless (and touchless) entry. This will stop the spread even further!

Contact A “Locksmith Near Me”

Contact the most qualified “locksmith near me” for these upgrades today! Get your automatic door opener and access control system and stop the spread of coronavirus around your business, with the help of Affordable Lock & Security. We provide the most innovative security solutions to families and businesses all around the Brandon area! Call now!

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