Are you planning on installing security systems in your business? If so, it is essential to become familiar with the laws that way you don’t get your establishment in any trouble. Here at Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, our team is here to ensure you have all the updated information from our security camera installers. We are available to every business in Ocala. 


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The general rule of thumb regarding video surveillance across the U.S. is that you’re allowed to record surveillance video in public so long as there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy. Places, where an individual has a reasonable expectation of complete privacy, include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Shower areas
  • Hotel rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Changing rooms

It’s important to note that every state has its own laws regarding the use and placement of security cameras, audio recording, and privacy matters, so check with all relevant jurisdictions to be sure. So long as you’re following these security camera laws, you can use video cameras for monitoring your home or business property. Before you go ahead with any installation plans, get familiar with local, state, county, and federal laws regarding surveillance cameras.


It’s also illegal in the U.S. to record surveillance video or audio with the sole purpose of malicious intent or blackmail.


What about sound? The law often treats video and audio recording differently. Generally, it’s legal to record surveillance video using a hidden camera in your business or property without the consent of those you’re recording. However, the recording of audio is restricted by the Federal Wiretap Act, a law that imposes civil and criminal liabilities for intentionally recording communications. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 provides an exception to this for job-related conversations for employers, not employees.


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Whether you manage a single office building, a campus consisting of several buildings, or a network including multiple locations requiring centralized management, you need your video surveillance system to provide value well beyond the basic benefits of security, loss prevention, and risk management.


Affordable Lock & Security Solutions offers several scalable video management software (VMS) solutions that are designed to address the specific surveillance and operational needs for businesses of any size, and empower you to grow as you go.


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