Security cameras are an integral part of any modern business— they allow you to catch a thief in the act, watch out for or replay any accidents that may occur throughout the store, and sometimes you can even save on insurance. But what is the best security camera system for the job, and what are some common mistakes that you might not even realize you’re making? Luckily, many of these mistakes are easy fixes that will enhance your store’s security by far. As for the cameras, here in Apopka, many trust us at Affordable Lock & Security Solutions to provide the best camera for their stores, at a reasonable price. Our security camera installers will help you learn to use your equipment to your advantage and protect your store. Protect your business today!

Mistakes To Beware Of

Here’s a few of the most common— yet totally fixable— mistakes that store owners make when it comes to their security cameras.

  • The camera isn’t working.

Yep. Sometimes the problem is that the camera isn’t even on, or not functioning properly. This could arise for a number of reasons. Maybe they were installed for you by the owner of your leased space and you didn’t notice if they were on. Maybe there was a power outage. Maybe it got unplugged. Maybe it’s just out of focus.

Therefore, we’d recommend checking on how your cameras are doing at least once a quarter.

  • The camera isn’t recording.

Sometimes, someone simply forgets to hit the “record” button. Whenever you make any camera adjustments or whenever the power goes out, we’d recommend checking your camera, just to make sure it’s recording.

  • Your footage gets taped over.

How long are you recording for before you check the footage and wipe it? If you don’t have enough space, your footage of that thief from last week might be taped over, and then your evidence will be gone. So make sure you have enough memory space.

  • The video is blurry and hard to make out.

Sometimes you catch someone in the act on camera, but the footage is so blurry it’s useless. Make sure that your resolution and frames per second are optimized for your camera’s settings for maximum clarity. Not a camera expert? Your security camera installers will be able to help you out.

The Best Security Camera System in Apopka For Your Store

Here at Affordable Lock, we offer several types of scalable video management software (VMS) solutions and CCTV cameras that will help you observe and protect different parts of your business.

In particular, fisheye cameras are good for covering a large area of space, so that you can spot any obvious chaos. For a closer look, higher resolution box cameras are best for entrances and exits, allowing you to notice details like clothing, facial features, etc. of those who walk in and out of your store. (This can help you identify a thief.) Learn more about which cameras are best suited for your needs from our experienced security camera installers.

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