On the surface, it may seem like finding a security camera system is fairly simple. However, when you’re really delving into research for video surveillance cameras, you will realize fast that there are so many different features and specifications that you can choose from! From the lens to the video capacity, there are many aspects of a surveillance camera to consider in order to choose the right security camera for you. Read on to learn more about the most important factors to keep in mind when looking for security camera systems. Affordable Lock &  Security Solutions are top security camera installers in the Brandon area. Call Affordable Lock & Security Solutions today for your security system installation needs!


What To Look For In Your Camera Surveillance System in Brandon


The type of lens that the camera offers makes a huge difference in what the camera is able to do, and it’s important to take into consideration the type of lens that the camera you’re purchasing will have in order to suit your specifications and unique security needs. Here we will discuss the three general types of lenses, what they provide in terms of the camera, and what may be the right choice for what you need. There are three typical kinds of lenses: normal, wide angle, and telephoto. A normal lens (one that isn’t wide angle or telephoto) is able to capture video that looks similar to what you would see if you were at the scene. A wide angle lens is able to capture a larger view of the same scene, making it a great option if you would like your surveillance camera to monitor general activity in a larger area such as a parking lot. A wide angle lens can’t capture the finer details, however, because it isn’t designed to hone in on small or close-up objects. One specialized type of wide-angle camera you may see from security camera installers is the fisheye or panoramic camera. 


Lenses For Your Security Camera System in Brandon


If you want close-up video, then you’ll need a telephoto lenses. A telephoto lens is a long-focus lens that allows you to focus on one specific area; this allows it to capture something like a license plate from a distance but will not provide you with an overall view of the parking lot. Another type of lens you can use are remote focus lenses. These lenses allow you to automatically focus the camera lens without having to physically adjust it. So how do you choose which type of lens you’re going to get? Prior to making the purchase of the camera system, you should decide what you want to do with it. If you are looking for a camera that is able to provide a view of the entire parking lot, then you should try and only look at wide angle cameras. If you are looking to capture fine details from a distance, then you may want to limit your search to telephoto lens cameras. This will allow you to only focus on the cameras that will meet your specific surveillance needs.


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The lens type is a major factor when choosing a security camera system. Call Brandon security camera installers Affordable Lock & Security Solutions to find out more today!

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