Are you looking to install a camera or security system into your home? Is so, you may not have any clue where to place each camera. Luckily the security camera installers at Affordable Lock & Security Solutions are here to help. When it comes to security cameras for home, we are the ones to turn to. We have all the information you need. 


Security Cameras Installation for Home in Brandon

Are you wondering where the best locations to place surveillance cameras in your home are? They are as follows:

  • The Perimeter Of Your Home
    • One of the best locations to install security cameras and sensors in your home is on the perimeter of your home. The effectiveness of your perimeter security system is directly tied to the overall effectiveness of your home security, so it should be taken seriously. Security cameras should be mounted on locations around your perimeter that allow them to capture the full space around it fully. The focus should be given to off-street areas around your home that do not get as much visibility. Burglars prefer to use these kinds of locations so mount your surveillance cameras accordingly.
  • The Main Ingress Points To Your Home
    • Ingress into your home simply refers to the points of your home that serve as main access points. Similar to the perimeter of your home, the main ingress points of your home are prone to higher foot traffic, and this makes them susceptible to potential attacks. In addition to being prone to higher foot traffic, they are also the most direct ways to get into your home. This is why installing surveillance cameras, and sensors are at the main ingress points of your home is advised. Essentially, since it has the potential to be a major flaw in your security, it has to be protected and guarded. One of the best ways to improve the security of your front door and other main access points is to utilize surveillance cameras and sensors.
  • Auxiliary Access Points
    • Auxiliary access points are similar to the main ingress points of your home, in the sense that they also grant access in some way, which is why they need to be kept secure. However, these are some of the best locations to install surveillance cameras for multiple reasons. First, burglars like to assume that they know how homeowners think, and in some regard, they’re close to the truth. However, this simple truth can empower you to beat them at their own game. Burglars often think that auxiliary access points go unchecked by some homeowners, so installing sensors and security cameras in these locations helps round out your security and reduce the likelihood of these other access points being exploited to give unauthorized individuals access to your home.
  • Garages And Driveways
    • We believe that garages should be treated separately from the primary perimeter of your home (which is your gate/fence), and they should also be treated separately from the main section of your home. This is why they are classified as the secondary perimeter. When it comes to your driveway, it will be extremely difficult to employ the use of sensors, and this is only because driveways tend to cover a wider surface area. As such, using security cameras that are located on your home and pointed in the direction of your driveway will help you effectively monitor this part of your home. The same can be said for your garage, although this depends on whether you have an adjoining garage or one that stands on its own.


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