Whether you’re a large business or a small one, the truth is that you’re always at risk of a cyber attack. Hackers don’t discriminate. If they can find value in something you have, they’ll attempt to take it, so being prepared is extremely important. At Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, we provide security systems and tools, such as surveillance cameras, for businesses here in Brandon, FL. We have experience with cyber security, and we want to share our knowledge so that every business can maintain the security of their data.


What is an Intrusion Detection System?

Intrusion detection systems (IDS) exist to monitor your networks and devices for activity that could be hazardous to your business. If a compromise has been identified and detected, the system sends out administrator alerts and incident reports so that malicious activity can be treated appropriately. There are three main categories for threat detection:

  • Network Based
    • Suspicious activity detected between network-connected devices will be flagged as a network-based attack or NIDS.
  • Host Based
    • This is for an individual network device. It can alert administrators of unauthorized behavior from that specific network device. These systems are also known as HIDS
  • Physical
    • This is known as Physical IDS, and refers to physical methods of security, such as surveillance cameras and motion sensors.


How Do These Security Systems in Brandon Protect Us?

These can effectively be broken down into two categories: enhancing security management and preventing suspicious activity. An IDS system can be used in combination with a skilled IT team to catch risks as soon as they’re identified and correct them as quickly as possible. This includes risks like:

  • Viruses, Trojans, or Worms
  • Information Leaks
  • Security Policy Violations
  • Unauthorized Network Devices

An IDS is designed to detect problems and will be paired with an intrusion prevention system (IPS) to both catch those threats and prevent them from occurring. There are limits to what the IPS can effectively stop, of course, but the detection itself gives you the knowledge that something is wrong. If you spot a threat that cannot be stopped, you can immediately report this information to a security vendor and take steps to remedy the situation.


Contact Us for Security Tools and Systems in Brandon

Located here in Brandon, FL, Affordable Lock & Security Solutions believes in effective cyber security for businesses of all sizes. We understand the importance of valuable security systems, from intrusion detection systems to physical IDS like surveillance cameras, and we understand that small businesses may have a limited budget to work with. Rest assured that with us, you’ll be getting the best deals for your budget, so contact us today and protect yourself from unsavory cyber attacks.

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