Since the breakout of COVID-19, Ocala residents have gained more awareness about the importance of reducing the spread of germs. The situation takes an even more sensitive approach when thinking about enclosed spaces that are visited by large crowds of people at once. With everyone feeling equally concerned and willing to participate in practices that help contain germ spreads, Affordable Lock & Security Solutions is taking the opportunity to suggest a practical idea to business owners. It’s the installation of commercial doors that are swung open by the action of an automatic door operator. Want to know more? Read below to learn about the advantages of this effortless and functional system that is suitable for commercial, retail, and industrial environments.


Advantages of Installing Automatic Doors That Offer Touchless, Germ-Free Solutions

Installing an automatic swing door operator system in a commercial door offers fantastic benefits that customers, employees, and visitors enjoy and rely on while in the facilities.

  • The system is convenient, reliable, and improves traffic flow.
  • It helps preserve the door’s integrity and extend the mechanical lifespan of all the pieces.
  • It provides protection against slamming or aggressive handling by the user.
  • They adapt to different types of activation methods, including motion sensors and touchless sensors. The latter grants no manipulation during the door’s opening and shutting.
  • They are safe to use and give more freedom and control to the passersby, enabling the chances to care for a package or merchandise that needs to be carried over.  
  • They are an ideal germ-free solution that is suitable and fitting for everybody, especially during a pandemic breakout.
  • The electricity-powered automatic door system demands low energy consumption.
  • The devices come in friendly sizes that are easy to install on any door application. 
  • They ask for simple and inexpensive maintenance routines. 


Types of Automatic Operators for Commercial Doors in Ocala

When it comes to choosing the best automatic door operator for your commercial property, the choices may include:

  • Electro-mechanical auto openers.
  • Electro-hydraulic auto openers. 


The selection of the best system for you depends on the door type (interior or exterior), the way it is assembled to open and close, and the frequency in which it is expected to be opening and closing. 


You can also ask for explosion-proof operators when automating doors that are located in a classified area, subject to the presence of fuels of distinctive nature. 


Buying Commercial Automatic Doors in Ocala

You know there’s only one supplier you can trust to deliver high-quality and affordable locksmith services with security integrated solutions in Ocala. It’s us Affordable Lock & Security Solutions!


We can advise you all the way, from purchasing the right automatic opener system for your doors to providing technical assistance during installation and maintenance. 


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