When living in an area that’s prone to storm damage, safety and preparedness are always top priorities. Having a business in a storm-prone area is no different. Storm resistant automated doors can help keep your business safe and protected during Ocala storm seasons. With storm rated automated door systems from Affordable Lock and Security Solutions, you never have to choose between style and dependability. We offer a multitude of options to ensure you get the perfect door for your needs. When selecting a door system for your business, there are some points to consider to make sure you get the right door for your needs.


Area Building Codes For Automated Doors 

Building codes are placed in every area and vary according to the environment and location of your business. Impact resistance requirements, emergency functions and ADA specifications should be reviewed to make sure that your door system and automatic door operator comply with local specifications. Planning for these requirements can help keep your business and customers safe during an emergency situation. It can also save later costs or even fines during safety and licensing inspections. Feature Considerations:

  • Storm Rating
  • Warranty Information
  • Glass Resistance Rating
  • Automatic Operation Power


Strength, Stability, and Style

While it’s important for your business that your doors look great, it’s imperative that they work properly as well. This means all parts of your system, from the doors and tracks to the automatic door operator, must be durable and dependable. Having a high-quality door system at your business’ forefront not only minimizes hassles for customers but also prevents accidents and saves money on repair costs. Affordable Lock & Security Solutions only carries quality automated door systems so you can rest assured that your doors are strong and secure.


First impressions are everything when it comes to business, and you want your customers to feel welcome from the moment they walk through the door. Modern styles, including both translucent and opaque options, and specialized features like walk-up opening, can give your business a leg up with the competition. 


Maintenance and Repair 

Even with the highest quality automated door system, there will come a time when it needs maintenance or repair services. Whether glass needs to be replaced due to damage from a storm or the automatic door operator needs to be serviced and cleaned, it’s important to keep your system in proper working order. Unfortunately, this can also mean downtime for your business. When choosing automatic doors for your business, keep helpful features like modular designs, track design, and dry glazed glass. These features can help protect your doors from damage and make maintenance and repair tasks easier and less time consuming.


It’s also important to enlist help from a pro that is experienced in the type automated door operator and system you have installed. This helps to guarantee that your equipment is maintained and repaired properly to get the fullest life possible. 


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