Protecting your business against security breaches is a top priority demanding continuous assessment and updates because, unfortunately, the market is flooded with new and accessible technology conceived to defeat even the most robust of safety platforms, including the selective card access system. At Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, besides supplying products for the protection of homes and business enterprises, we want to make sure our clients are aware of the dangers that could potentially threaten their security network. Not in vain, we earnt a reputation as the full-service locksmith company specialized in access control system Tampa locals trust. 


What Security Measures Can You Use to Protect Your Business?

Having a security protection system is a primary necessity to run a business successfully. To find the better-suited platform for your premises is obligatory to perform an insightful analysis and determine what assets require protection, and how to guard them better. 


In general, you should look for an integrated solution that:

  • It’s easy to operate, without being a major technological challenge in need of training.
  • Won’t kill your budget by being overly expensive. 
  • Helps efficiently to safeguard personnel, paperwork, and other valuable digital and physical assets within the premises.


At Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, we offer the best security products in the market. Particularly for businesses, we have succeeded in the installation of the access control system Tampa companies know to get the job perfectly done.


How Can You Know If the Card Access System Is Secure?

The launch of new and cheap technology has made access control systems vulnerable to security breaches. Hence, if you already have a card access control system installed by a third party is essential to assess the platform and determine whether or not it is susceptible to glitches or in need of a serious upgrade to defeat possible upcoming threats.


RFID Card duplication is one of the most common situations compromising the functionality of the security system. Usually, the occurrence of these events tends to happen because of a lack of protective encryption, which makes the card easy to clone by merely going to a convenience store or buying a card duplicator.  


Avoiding breaches requires a full study of the access control system to identify whether the security measures are enough or if instead, you need to add edge-to-edge encryption to forbid the risks of card duplication and cloning.


Hiring a Professional on the Matter Is Critical to Avoid Security Breaches 

Assessing the current status of the access control system of your business requires the services of professionals of the field that can provide a truthful diagnosis and indicate the following steps to reinforce the platform. 


At Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, we’re willing to help you and make your business safe and secure.


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