The most important thing in the work space for each and every person is safety. Many of us overlook the possibility of an unwanted individual making their way into our work environment, but the reality is that it’s always possible. Here at Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, we have had many clients approach us for installing additional security measures after it was too late and someone broke into their space. We don’t want this to be you or anyone else, which is why we recommend installing security systems into your work space, such as a card access system. We are one of the best providers of an access control system Tampa, and we believe it’s in your best interest to consider an updated security system as soon as possible, and there are more reasons than just your safety.


5 Reasons to Install an Access Control System Tampa

Access control systems are all about creating a safe environment that you and your team can access while keeping out unwanted visitors. There are several ways that they accomplish this:

  • Accessible Remotely
    • Card systems can be monitored remotely so that you have constant access to information regarding who has come in and out of the facility.
  • Faster than Locks
    • Locks that require a key can give an intruder ample time to assault someone as they locate their key and fiddle with the lock. Card systems are much quicker and lock instantly once the door is reclosed. It may seem like a trivial amount of time, but a lot can happen in a matter of seconds.
  • Provides History Records
    • Because cards are managed electronically, you have a history of every team member’s usage of their card to enter the facility and at what time. This can also help to prevent theft from someone inside the business.
  • Less Hassle
    • A card access system is easy to use both from utilizing the cards as well as managing the system electronically. This beats the hassle of managing locks and making sure no one has lost their keys, or hiring more security staff.
  • Less Expensive in the Long Run
    • The risk of someone infiltrating your business can have major financial loss, and possibly be life-threatening for you and your team. This alone should be enough to appreciate the long-term security, but it’s also less expensive ultimately than many other security options, like hiring more security staff.


About Us and Our Card Access System

We at Affordable Lock & Security Solutions have helped homes and businesses improve the quality of their security systems at affordable prices. We believe everyone should be safe both at home and in the workplace. Whether it’s card systems, safes, security cameras, burglar alarms, and more, we can help keep you safe.


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If your home or business is lacking security features, then there’s no time like the present to increase the safety of your location. If you need a card access system for your workplace, or even just burglar alarms at home, we can help. For the best access control system Tampa, contact us today.