An access control system, or a card access system, is used to protect the safety of the people, equipment, and data of your business, by restricting who has access to a certain area of the premises with key cards. This security system can be integrated in a number of different locations, including the door, turnstile, parking gate, elevator, or elsewhere. Affordable Lock & Security Solutions has the most up-to-date access control system Tampa businesses rely on. Make sure you’re using your access control system in the most effective way with these 5 tips!

Improve Your Security

1) How Effective Is Your Current System?

Where are your current control systems located? Does the current system effectively keep out undesignated personnel from restricted areas? Do your employees in the access-controlled areas feel safe? Evaluate the system you have on hand to find its weakest spot that can be improved.

2) Review Who Has Access to Where

Sometimes certain employees may only need access to certain areas at certain times. Not everyone needs after-hours access. And you may have too many people with certain card access, rendering the system obsolete. Reevaluate this by determining who actually needs access to certain areas and maintain precautions such as cards needing renewal after extended inactivity.

3) Make Sure Your Tech Is Updated

The old standard for access control systems was a 125 kilohertz technology system is now quite outdated. Consult your security company to make sure you’re staying up to date with the latest innovations, like encrypted technology, so that you don’t fall behind. A good rule of thumb is to replace your control system every 10 years.

4) Test Your System Periodically

Make sure you are testing the functionality of your access control system on a regular basis to ensure that everything is performing as it should. If you wait until something goes wrong to find out there’s an issue, well, it’ll be too late. We recommend checking at least once a quarter, once a month being even better.

5) Watch Out For Tailgaters

Holding the door open is common courtesy in most cases, but it can be hazardous. Some people who mean harm or theft will attempt to get inside by simply following in at the heels of someone else. Their casual measure will often allow them to slip in and out without much notice. So make sure you take a good glance at who follows you inside.

We’ll Take a Look At Your Card Access System

Get the access control system Tampa Bay businesses rave about from Affordable Lock & Security Solutions! Whether you’re on the market for a new system altogether, or simply to check on, repair, or upgrade your current control system, we’ll be there to help. Keep track of who goes in and out of your business, keeping you, your employees, and your valuable assets safe and sound.

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Affordable Lock & Security Solutions offers the most up-to-date access control system Tampa business owners can find. This advanced card access system will help you keep track of the daily ins and outs of your business, making it a safer place to work. Looking to install your own control system? Get in touch today for a quote!

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