Awesome! You’ve got a keyless door entry in your home now. Well, the security is only guaranteed once you choose the best password for your keypad. It is common to find people using predictable and simple keypads while claiming to be protective. What’s the essence of using a keyless door entry when almost everyone can access your home? If you’re using an easy-to-guess code for your affordable lock, time to make a change.

First, let’s take you through a list of negligent codes people use that make their homes susceptible to intrusion.



Many use names as passcode just because it is easier to remember. However, you must understand that it will be easier for others to guess and access your homes when you do that. Therefore, avoid using the names of your children, parents, pets, spouses, favorite celebrities, your nickname, etc.



To protect your home and properties, you need something better than your address as a password. When choosing your keypad combo, avoid using your city, street, or house number.



Many have fallen into this category.  They choose something as predictable as their year of birth and anniversary date for a keypad.


Keyboard sequence

Avoid using keyboard sequences like 1234, abcd, 0000 as a passcode.  You should avoid using your favorite sport, phone number, and the same code for other locks and devices.


Tips on How to Secure a Stronger Password

  1. Opt for longer passwords with at least 8 characters.
  2. Use symbols, numbers, and letters.
  3. Make it unique and avoid password recycling.
  4. Be careful while operating your keyless door, as others can quickly memorize your password. Regardless of what you choose as your keypad lock, the most important thing is never to use it in the presence of outsiders.
  5. Avoid writing your passwords down in a notepad, on your phone, or where others can look them up. Remember, the security of your home lies in your hands.
  6. Change your passwords periodically.


Take Your Home Security to the Optimum Level

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