The locksmith industry is growing, and many new locksmiths are entering the field every year. However, not all of them are legitimate. It can be especially true of mobile locksmiths who travel from job to job instead of staying in one place long enough to build up a reputation before moving on to another city or town. If you’re looking for experienced locksmiths, then Affordable Locks & Security Solutions is here for you. We have a good reputation and have served the Tampa area for many years. We want you to know how to recognize locksmith scams in your area.

There are several ways you can tell if a locksmith is scamming you:

1.    The Locksmith Makes Excuses

If the locksmith makes excuses, such as being late or unavailable to help you, this is a red flag. The most common reason they are late is that they have been stuck in traffic. If they can’t get here on time, they should have called ahead and let you know. Also, if a locksmith excuses why they can’t help you with your problem. For example, this is not acceptable if they tell you that they don’t have the right tools or need to order something that will take too long.

2.    Lack of Consistency in Appearance

The first thing to look for is uniformity. A locksmith should appear professional and well-organized, with a uniform appearance that makes it easy for you to recognize them as legitimate. Their vehicles should be clean and in good repair, and the person should wear uniforms or badges that indicate their position within the company. You should also see signage around your home or workplace advertising their services and how much those services cost.  When you’re looking for a locksmith in Palm Harbor, then consider hiring Affordable Locks & Security Solutions. We are experienced and have helped many customers in palm harbor get quality locksmith services.

3.    The Response Time Is Slow

If a locksmith takes longer than expected to arrive and perform the job, they are likely taking advantage of their customers by charging them more money than they should be charged. Fake locksmiths, at times, don’t even respond at all. When looking for a local locksmith in St. Pete you need to check out their website first to see how long it takes them to get to your place. Then you will easily determine if they are scammers or not.

4.    The Locksmith Seems Inexperienced

One of the ways to identify a fake locksmith is that they are unfamiliar with your area. In addition, they don’t know how to find and handle the necessary tools and equipment used in the service.  You should know that experienced locksmiths have tools and equipment and know how to handle them properly. It is always important to ask them some questions about what they will do, and how long it will take. If they answer, professionally and courageously then they might be the right locksmiths. If you need experienced locksmiths near me in Tampa, then Affordable Locks & Security Solutions will help you. We are licensed, insured, and have well-trained employees.

5.    They Demand Cash or Debit

If your locksmith asks for cash or debit, ask them to perform the work in exchange for a receipt that can be used as proof. If they refuse, don’t give them any money at all. If a locksmith asks for cash or debit, it’s likely because they’re trying to rip you off. A legitimate business will accept credit cards or offer you an invoice that can be used as proof of payment. If they refuse, don’t give them any money at all.

It’s important to get an experienced locksmith who has positive reviews. You can check the locksmith’s website for reviews or ask them if they have references. Hopefully, this article has helped you to know how to recognize locksmith scams and get prepared when you want to hire a locksmith. If you need an experienced locksmith, then Affordable Locks & Security Solutions is here to help you. We have insurance, bonded and licensed by Florida authorities.

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