At some point, just about everyone has used key card access at a hotel or work. But why do these businesses choose them, and what are the benefits of key card access? With technological advancements come innovations in how various businesses handle their security systems. One such technology employed is the use of a keycard.

Keycards go by different names. These include swipe cards, and fobs, magnetic cards, not to mention your regular ID cards. A keycard entry system would require the services of a keycard access locksmith in its setup. Security systems with key card access are more sophisticated than regular locks. With key card access, commercial establishments can see the proper running of their operations.


Using a Card Access System

Card access control systems are intended to give optimum security with ease of use. These systems employ a programmed card reader device and digital cards, often known as digital keys, which enable or limit admission across a facility. The cards also offer timestamp information on who enters and departs the premises.

In commercial buildings, workers are issued cards individually allocated to them which are programmed to grant access to specified portions of the building. For example, all workers would have access to enter the building. Depending on your region, some rooms or areas of the building will not enable entry.

For residential apartment development, the same concepts apply. Residents are given personalized cards programmed to identify the person and permit building entry.


Advantages of a Card Access Control System

  1. Keycards are more versatile than regular metal keys. Cards can be reprogrammed, and in the event of a security breach, an access card can be revoked and access barred.
  2. Keycard access helps in enforcing security clearance in an establishment or building. Depending on an employee’s level of clearance, the card issued to the individual will vary from that of another employee. In other words, unauthorized personnel are not allowed access to certain areas of the premises. In such instances, only those with security clearance will have key card access to such areas.
  3. Using a card entry system, multiple entry points can be controlled simultaneously. Such entry points can be monitored without needing additional cameras.
  4. Key cards are also convenient and easy to use. Homeowners with card security systems don’t have to worry about forgetting encryption codes and passwords. You can easily swipe your card to gain access at any time of the day. CK’s Lockshop & Security Center offers the best Tampa key card access. We also offer key card services in Clearwater, Ocala, and around.

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Get Started With a Key Card System!

The use of card entry systems continues to shape the innovation of security systems in the digital world. At CK’s Lockshop & Security Center, we provide the best key card access services in Florida. Check out our other services for locks and security systems. Contact us today, and let’s give you the best security options.