Security issues have persisted for a very long time, and car theft has been a major issue all around. Imagine not meeting your car where you left it. Now that’s not a situation you want. But thanks to technology, security has seen improvements in the past years.

This improvement has brought about the advent of keyless entry. Car Key fobs that allow you to enjoy keyless entry have no doubt stepped up security issues. You leave your car at a spot, and you’re assured that no one can access it without you. What could be more assuring?

Like any other technology, car key fob replacement differs. While they have a general function of providing security, a few things separate them.


Types of Car Key Fob Replacements

You might think all key fobs are the same. But there are several types of car key fob replacement. Let’s consider 4 types.

1. Basic Key 

This is not just a basic key; it has a chip. This key fob looks like the general mechanical key and functions alike. Although it functions like the normal standard key, the electromagnetic mechanism that powers it reduces the risk of car theft. Key ownership is verified using an RFID verification system. This way, your car responds only to its unique key.

2. Transponder

A transponder key fob is quite similar to the above type of fob. A signal is needed to open or drive your car with a transponder. This signal comes from the plastic cap of the key. So without that part, you might be stuck as you won’t be able to access your car. Let an affordable locksmith in Florida provide you with the perfect transponder replacement.

3. Remote Door Key Fob

This type of fob can only open your car. Unlike the basic key, you can use this to open your car from a distance.

It also uses a similar mechanism, like transponder fobs- RFID. With this security system, only your unique key can access your car. Let’s help you with your car remote replacements. You can trust us to provide you with reliable services, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of key fobs

4. Push-button Remote  

One of the pecks of key fobs is being able to open or start your vehicle remotely. You are not set to leave your apartment yet, but you want to save time by warming up the car while you dress up. Now that sounds like a good idea. A Push-button fob is what you need in such situations. For your Push-button fob replacement, you should contact a professional locksmith. Affordable Lock & Security Solutions provides professional locksmith services in Tampa and around.

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