Security lock systems are not new to the human race. Security has always been an important factor in people’s lives, even before current technology.

With the many inventions of security locks over the years, and even now, it is not easy to figure out which locks will keep you and your loved ones safe.

Here are some differences between Style 1 and Style 2 security locks to help you make the right choice:


Differences Between Style 1 and Style 2 Security Lock Systems

While you may want to maintain high security in your home, different levels of lock systems are wired differently. Here are some features that make Style 1 and Style 2 locks different from each other:


Their Powering

Style 1 and Style 2 lock systems have different mechanisms for how they are powered.

In a Style 1 lock, you do not need batteries. The digital display needs to be energized to enable the lock to be effective. The electromechanical motion of the knob generates this energy.

On the other hand, you need batteries to power the Style 2 lock. The electric lock mechanism on the inside of the door requires battery power to work.


Anti-Pick Features

This is one of the most important features of a lock since it differentiates between a secure lock and an unsafe one.

The Style 1 security locks have higher security features that make them less susceptible to lock picks and break-ins.

A Style 1 lock is also secured with five pins on the lock, and its keyhole is meant to be so specific that even duplicating a key for the lock is extremely difficult, which makes picking it nearly impossible.

On the other hand, Style 2 lock systems are quite strong but have no special mechanisms to make them anti-pick. Since they are designed mostly for home use, the keys are easy to duplicate.


Strength And Durability

Security lock systems are as strong as the surroundings. Therefore, when considering the strength of lock systems, remember that the strength of the doors also matters. With all factors held constant, the strength of the different security locks is different.

The Style 2 security locks can withstand 600,000 security test cycles, while Style 1 can withstand 800.000. This makes the Style 1 lock systems more durable than the Style 2 locks.

The Style 1 locks can also withstand 360 pounds in weight and 6 strikes, while Style 2 locks can withstand much less weight, making them more susceptible to bumping into.


And The Winner…

Ultimately, both Style 1 and Style 2 lock systems are good and durable, with even the Style 2 lock lasting up to 25 years. However, they are best suited for different purposes. Consider their purposes as you make your choice, and how much security you need.


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