Hotel security is crucial because of the life and property of individuals staying in the hotel. A hotel is rich in valuable things – from the hotel’s personal properties to the visitors’ belongings and vehicles. Everyone who lodges in your hotel relies on your security, and this is why you should consider security lock systems. Security lock systems control lock access and authorization and increase security through the security lock components (like visual and audio systems). Security lock systems have several options you may want to consider.


Key Access Control For Hotels

Every hotel has one or more types of key access control in their hotel. At Affordable Lock & Security, we help you maximize the key lock systems. Our key security locks have features like SmartLock pro, DVR, and auto-user activation/deactivation. The SmartLock Pro is a keyless lock system and works with Alexa and Google Assistant (for voice control). The DVR (digital video recorder) records the video of users in a digital format. Key access control is necessary for an organization because it is accessible, easy to use, and user-friendly. We have the best key control solution for you, irrespective of your hotel size.

The SmartLock Pro feature is suitable for small hotels with simple requirements. You can reach us today to schedule a consultation and get a quote. SmartPro key lock systems features include:

  • Visibility – you will have a comprehensive view of your environment (especially your hotel room) using a smart device.
  • Insight – our SmartLock Pro converts actionable insights into readable data.
  • Control – you can select who accesses your hotel with our SmartLock Pro.
  • Flexibility – our SmartLock Pro is compatible with your existing hardware. You can contact us today to figure out how we can improve your security lock systems.


IP security cameras

IP security cameras work with IP addresses, unlike CCTV, which requires cables. We prefer IP security cameras because they are accessible from anywhere (provided you have the IP address on your device). The IP security cameras reinforce your hotel security lock systems because they capture visitors’ faces and record their movements. The IP security cameras are easy to install, compatible with several devices, and multifunctional. We choose IP security cameras alongside our lock systems because IP security cameras provide security indoors and outdoors.


Contact Us For Security Lock Systems

Security lock systems are a good investment for your hotels. If you reach us today, we will help you figure out the best security locks for your hotels, alongside other security services that ensure maximum security. We have several options you can consider if you want low-budget security for your hotel. At Affordable Lock & Security, we guarantee your safety and safeguard your visitors’ property.