The security lock system,  MIPR, or Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request is a purchase program used to transfer funds from one military organization to another one. It is used to procure supplies, services, and equipment.

The MIPR is usually processed on a DD Form 448 and it is accepted on a direct citation. It is also reimbursable.


Benefits of Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request Lock Systems

  • It helps DoD entities to execute their funding transactions and this ensures adequate documentation is always available and maintained as per the MIPR details.
  • DoD entities are able to ensure funds availability for the requirements to be funded through the MIPR and that these requirements are in the best interests of the US government.
  • Because the same rules of traditional contractual actions such as supporting detailed requirements and actions are required with MIPR, there’s more accountability.
  • The DoD scrutinizes the security locks and resource accountability and the ability to achieve all of the audits. The main supporting documents are maintained readily, and the DoD continues to face all problems pertaining to the audit and financial readiness.
  • The requesting entities personnel are able to work closely with the performing entities personnel when the MIPR is being executed. In specific, two entities can track the financial activities.
  • This ensures that all efforts are executed as planned, that financial transitions are reported to the performing entities, and that reconciliation of the requested entity’s financial systems is made easy.
  • The MIPR also ensures that adequate funding is available for the complete requirement and more funding is available when needed.

Common MIPR Errors

  • Incorrect MIPRs can impact the ability to receive funding on a contract signed. Here’s a look at the most commonly noted errors
  • Having no indication of whether the MIPR should be accepted by CAT II (the direct cite) or CAT I (reimbursable)
  • Having no itemized dollar amounts or breakouts for the customer shared direct cost and TAT
  • Having NO TAT number or an Incorrect TAT number
  • Having a MIPR without any DODAC/NO BPN/orDUNS number present
  • Having no technical POC or financial information present on the MIPR
  • When the MIPR is illegible.
  • Having an incorrect grand total for the MIPR series.
  • When the MIPR is not dated, signed, or addressed correctly to the DTIC.

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