Lately, panic rooms have been getting mentioned a little more than usual. So, ‘Is a panic room helpful?’ A panic room is a safe enclosure that offers emergency shelter in a residence or a commercial place. Its main function is to protect you, but it can also serve as a guarded space for protecting your most precious possessions. Moreover, insecurity is on the rise, making it a great addition to any property. You can now contact Affordable Lock & Security for the best rates on getting panic rooms.


What You Ought To Know About Panic Rooms

There are various types of panic rooms based on the main purpose of installing them. For instance, those who wish to store away their most valued items can opt for an underground bunker to reap optimum benefits.

  • Safe Rooms Aren’t Always Costly!

A safe room is not out of reach for those eyeing affordability. An economical choice is to transform your closet space. There is also an option of building it inside an existing structure or building a new structure to house one. To increase the chances of survival, they are further equipped with high-security doors, air ventilators, and electrical outlets. Communicating with law enforcement in threatening situations is also possible after installing telecommunication devices.

  • Secures You And Your Family In The Face Of Danger

In the event of a house invasion or a burglary, securing your family in the room eliminates physical contact and conflict. Compared to conventional walls, panic rooms can’t be drilled through even with potent machinery. Besides, you can equip the haven with supplies like food and water.

  • Eliminates The Uncertainties From Natural Disasters

None can beat a high-quality panic system, from tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and forest fires to flooding. It can be hard to access help when you need it during poor weather conditions. In such a case, your easily accessible safe room can come in handy.

  • Various Options For Your Locking System

When it comes to the lock system and panic door hardware integrated into your room, there are various options available. These include a push bar door lock mechanism and high-tech security solutions, including voice-activated systems, biometric scans, and retinal scans. They are all implementable into the vaults.


What To Consider For Your Safe Room

  • Location: This is a very crucial factor. It’s advisable to focus on where intruders can’t use during entry. An option is to create multiple routes to the room to avoid easy detection from intruders.
  • Design: Needless to say, your budget and intended purpose determine the design. A closet can be a rudimentary safe room, provided it has a solid-core door fitted with a deadbolt lock. Costlier rooms incorporate thick steel walls, computers, air-purifying systems, video banks, and bulletproof protection.

Panic rooms give you peace of mind by providing emergency shelter during threats. It keeps you and your family safe from burglars, kidnappers, and natural disasters and offers the best storage for your valuables. Still, the level of security depends on your installer’s skill, knowledge, and experience. Always opt for a reputable, certified, highly experienced locksmith to make the most of the safe room! Get in touch with us.