Most drivers today rely on key fobs to access their cars. The convenient electronic device, alongside the push-button engine starter, it’s opening up the path to making car keys seem like an obsolete thing of the past. But what happens when the system fails? The natural thing is to start looking for a key fob replacement at a dealership. However, a quick search will let you know how expensive they are, leading you back to square one. What should you do next? Explore other options, beginning with an online search hitting the keys “locksmith near me.” The results will introduce you to our company, Affordable Lock & Security Solutions. We offer Brandon residents high-quality security products for residential and commercial properties, including car key fobs, for accessible prices. Read below to stay up to date on how we can assist you with failing key fobs.


When to Ask For a Key Fob Replacement in Brandon?

Like most electronic devices, key fobs are prone to fail sooner or later. Sometimes it happens overnight. Other times the process is slower, showcasing warning signs, like requiring more effort to activate door locks or working only from a short distance.


On their interior, key fobs are enabled by an electronic chip that functions as a signal transmitter powered by a battery. Traditionally, the battery is the first thing to check when a key fob fails. To know if the battery is working, see if the tiny red light in the key fob lights up when you press the button. If it isn’t, the battery is dead. Another way is testing the battery directly with a voltmeter. To do that, you would need to get the key fob opened. For your reference, depending on the type of key fob, a good battery could last up to six years. Other failure causes could be related to the wearing of the electronic pieces that activate the key fob.  


What Impacts on the Costs of Key Fobs?

The three main factors that impact the key fob costs are:

  • Replacements Costs. Key fobs are made of sophisticated electronic parts, expensive to replace when broken or worn out. 
  • Equipment Costs. Specialized machinery and tools are needed to deliver a custom device, adding to the costs. 
  • Labor Costs. This component covers the effort and skills deployed to operate and program the key fob.


We Offer Affordable Key Fob Repair & Replacement in Brandon

When Brandon residents Google “locksmith near me,” our company, Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, is among the top choices to show up in your search. Don’t hesitate to contact us because, as security specialists, we will be able to help you, providing quality solutions for a much lower price than any dealership could ever offer. 


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