There are many safes today which are able to come with a standard Dial Combination Lock. Some of our customers pick the upgrade to a Digital Electronic Lock for the safe that they purchase. There are many pros and cons to having both a combination safe as well as a digital safe. It’s important to be informed regarding the types of safes that are out on the market today. Read on to learn more about the different locks available to keep your valuables safe. Affordable Lock & Security Solutions is a top provider of security solutions in the Brandon area. If you’re looking for a “locksmith near me” online, call Affordable Lock & Security Solutions today!


Dial Combination Locks and Digital Locks in Brandon


There are many pros and cons to having a combination lock versus a digital electronic lock. Here are some pros and cons of having a dial combination lock that is made by popular companies S&G or Lagard, so that you have an idea as a consumer.


Pros of a dial combination lock:

  • Dial Combination Locks are the original safe lock which have been around for more than a century, which means that they have proven their security and reliability.
  • These dials/locks will last a long period of time with the proper care and service.
  • Combination locks are cheaper than a Digital Electronic lock
  • They can be ordered with key locking in order for the dial to not freely spin and thus protecting it from any  manipulation


Cons of a dial combination lock:

  • To set a new combination, you will have to look for a “locksmith near me” so that they come out and change it. 
  • The lock takes extra time to unlock and open the safe
  • It is more difficult to open the safe


Combination Safe Vs. Digital Electronic Safe in Brandon


Here are the pros and cons of a digital electronic lock in order to secure your valuables!


Pros of a digital electronic lock:

  • The combination is much simpler to change when needed
  • It is much faster than a dial lock to put in your combination and open the safe
  • The lock will go into lockdown mode for 5 minutes during which no further attempts can be made if an incorrect combo sequence is entered 5 times 
  • Good strength and security


Cons of a digital electronic lock

  • The technology is less tried and true than a dial combination lock
  • It can take a bit of maintenance, since you need to change the batteries at least once a year
  • You are locked out of your safe for 5 minutes if you forget the safe. 


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The main factor in picking a digital electronic lock over a dial combination safe for most people is convenience. If you need to access your safe several times a day, then it can be well worth the cost of a digital electronic lock. This is because if you don’t enjoy the process of dialing a combination, you may forego putting items in a safe and end up entirely defeating the purpose. But no matter which kind of lock you choose, both locks are equally secure and difficult to break into. If you are looking for a “locksmith near me” in the Brandon area, call Affordable Lock & Security Solutions today!

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