Are you looking for a different lock system for your home? Well, do not search for a locksmith near me because here at Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, we have all the information and help that you need when it comes to locks and keys. We understand that homeowners like to change their locks and keys and overall security systems on their homes for different reasons. We want you to know the key differences between rekeying and replacing your locks because one of these options might be better for your personal situation than the other. Other than the cost and efficiency, there are various benefits to both rekeying and replacing locks in your home. It’s important that you know the differences between these two things so you can get a better sense of which option is right for you and your home. We have a locksmith Ocala FL locals love, so you can rest assured that we are giving you the best advice in Ocala! 


Take These Tips Instead Of A Locksmith Near Me 

You were probably wondering why we have a locksmith Ocala FL residents swear by. One reason is that we tell you all about the advantages of rekeying and replacing your locks. Rekeying locks provide you with a strong sense of security because you will simply have a different key to open your home. Many people rekey their homes if they are new, so the previous owners do not have the same key as them. Also, rekeying is much cheaper than replacing an entire lock. It is also much quicker and easier, especially for professional locksmiths like us. In terms of replacing your lock altogether, this is beneficial because you can customize your sense of security; however you want. You also have the ability to choose the new and improved upgraded lock system. Even though this option is a little more costly, it is entirely new, so you can feel like your new security system is all yours. Either way, you will receive benefits from both options.


Which Option Should You Choose

Even if you know the key differences between these two security options, it can still be difficult to decide which one is truly right for you. Here are some questions that we recommend you ask yourself to make your decision easier:

  • Do you like your locks the way they are?
  • Did you lose your keys?
  • Will you feel more secure with new locks?
  • Think about how much you want to spend 
  • Is your current security system too old? 
  • Have you experienced a recent robbery?
  • Is your home new?


We Are Ready To Help 

Once you decide which security option is right for you, we want you to know that we are ready to help you! We have a locksmith Ocala FL locals cannot live without. We have many years of experience and knowledge when it comes to installing the proper security systems for homeowners. So you can rest assured that you are home will be safer than ever with our help.


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Affordable Lock & Security Solutions are professionals who want you to know all about the differences between rekeying and replacing your locks altogether. Feeling safe and secure in your home is our number one priority. So don’t search for a locksmith near me when you can use us to keep you safe. Call or visit us today in Ocala for more information.