When a fire outbreak occurs, the essential documents are the first things residents will try to salvage. This is because every other item in the home can be purchased or gotten back in some way, but documents cannot be repurchased. Can you boast of your essential documents being safe if a fire broke out in your home?

Homeowners must be intentional about keeping their documents safe because one cannot be guaranteed when a fire outbreak might occur. Although many records are being saved digitally, the truth is that we still need them in hard copies.

If you’re planning on storing your data digitally, then you’d have to look for organizations that are into storing essential data and information. In cases like this, your information can easily be accessed from your phone or laptop.

Other valuable things can be stored in a safe aside from documents. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Things You Can Store in Your Safe

What are the things you’d need easy accessibility to when you find yourself in a fire situation? You’d probably need your bank cards, car documents, birth certificates, other essential insurance papers, etc. You can also add other items like spare keys and expensive jewelry pieces. This is where getting a fireproof safe from Affordable Locks and Security System comes in handy. Getting a fireproof safe box will make you rest assured and at peace should a fire incident occur.

After purchasing your fire-resistant safe from the best locksmith in Florida, what can you store in them? Here is a list of some of the items:

Important Documents

Your documents are the number one thing you’d want to store in your fire-resistant safe. Documents like birth certificates, school certificates, marriage certificates, passports, wills, credit cards, etc can be stored in a safe. In the event that you need to leave the house unexpectedly, you will have easy access to these documents.

Consider getting a fireproof safe from Affordable Locks & Security System to store your documents.


These days, most transactions are carried out online, and sometimes you may not see the need to carry cash around due to security reasons. You can keep your money safe in a water and fire-resistant safe from Affordable Locks & Security System. There’s nothing terrible about keeping a stash of cash in your home. In case of emergency, you’d be glad to have prepared ahead.

Other Expensive Possessions

Your fire-resistant safe isn’t limited to cash and documents alone. Diamonds, gold, jewelry, and other valuables can be stored in a safe box. Despite the lack of insurance for these valuables, you may consider insuring them anyway because banks do not typically insure them. If you know that other precious items could be destroyed by fire or other means, your bank can keep them for you on a precautionary basis.


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