A video surveillance system is a must-have for any business in Apopka concerned about thieves, intruders, and unwanted activity. Without the right security solution in place, these unwanted guests will feel more than welcome, causing a distraction on your premises. At the same time, what good is a surveillance system if you don’t have an easy way of viewing the data being recorded? With Affordable Lock & Security Systems, you’ll have professionals guiding you every step of the way.


The Importance of a Video Surveillance System in Apopka


When your business lacks the proper surveillance cameras systems and playback options, you not only put your business and employees at risk, but you also put your customers in harm’s way. Having an effective security solution will do one of two significant things — deter unwanted guests from entering your business and giving you clear evidence when something does go wrong. 


There are plenty of different kinds of surveillance solutions out there, but none will work better than having eyes and ears on your business 24/7. You’ll be able to keep the interior and exterior of your business safe, which will help you avoid profit losses, unexpected expenses, and the frustration that comes with it all.


Home Security & Video Surveillance Camera Systems Installation Solution in Apopka


Before you decide on what surveillance cameras will best fit your business’ needs, you first need to understand what your different storage solutions are. There will be four leading solutions for you to choose from, all of which come with their own pros and cons — DVR, HVR, NVR, and VMS systems.


Without a practical storage solution, you won’t be able to watch or playback anything your cameras catch. This will give you peace of mind 24/7 and will only be helpful when viewing your cameras live. 


The first storage solution is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). These will be low-cost and easy to install but will require a limited number of outputs, have lower image quality, and require more cabling than usual. On the other hand, a Hybrid Video Recorder (HVR) will give you a higher quality video and will support IP integration, but will cost more than a DVR.


A Network Video Recorder (NVR) will give you the freedom of placing it anywhere you want with a single connection via a network cable. They will also support a higher resolution, but only if the network calls for it. 


Lastly, a Video Management Software (VMS) system is going to be the most diverse, flexible, versatile, and expensive option. They can use any surveillance cameras effectively, can be monitored remotely, and supports high integration. At the same time, it will have a much more sophisticated software interface. 


Which Is Best for Your Business?


Protecting your business means more than just setting up cameras and hoping it deters intruders. You need to have a system that makes your life as easy as possible. Luckily, you have several options to help fit your budget and needs. 


Affordable Lock & Security Systems helps businesses all over the Apopka area. If you’re looking to install or upgrade your current video surveillance system, contact us today, and we’ll start going over your options.