When summer arrives with its burning heat, adjusting to such weather tends to be uncomfortable. But, with the help of your air conditioner and the right home automation system, you can survive the summer season conveniently. However, when you hear the word “air conditioner,” do “energy bills” ring along? It’s no news that the more you rely on air conditioners, the more you have to pay for energy.

It is important to find a balance when using your air conditioner. That’s why technology like thermostats has great importance. A room thermostat, alternatively known as a central heating thermostat, helps you regulate your air conditioner, helping you cut down your energy bills while providing you comfort during summer.

To maximally enjoy the benefits of a room thermostat during summer, here are 4 things you should know about thermostat control.


1. Stick To The Recommended Thermostat Setting

For you to get by the summer conveniently while cutting down on costs, the recommended temperature setting is 78⁰ F. Although this may not be inconvenient for people who live in a super humid place, it is advisable to work towards staying close to the recommended setting. Doing this can help you cut down the cost of energy bills.

You can gradually adjust to the recommended setting (78⁰ F). This can be done by raising the thermostat by 1 or 2 degrees daily. In time, the body will adapt.


2. Avoid Excessive Cooling

Excessive cooling can happen when you set your central heating thermostat to a cooler temperature than you usually do. You tend to do this when you return to a hot house. You turn the thermostat on and set it to a very cool temperature in a bid to make the house cool quickly. This can cause excessive cooling, which you want to avoid. Excessive cooling equals more costs, so stick to your usual setting and patiently wait for the air conditioner to circulate and cool your home. You can turn on the fan in the meantime until the temperature circulates.


3. Set To Higher Temperature When You’re Out

The recommended 78⁰ F temperature setting is ideal when the house is occupied. So when no one is home, the temperature can be higher. Remember that a warmer temperature can save you extra cooling expenses. So while leaving the house, don’t forget to change the settings except if you have a wireless thermostat. With that, you can easily change the settings of your thermostat on your smartphone.


4. Maximize Cooling Efforts

For thermostat control, the recommended 78⁰ F might seem too high, but you can support the air conditioner to keep you cool by doing the following:

  • Prevent warm air from entering your home.
  • Cut down on the use of appliances that cause heat.
  • If you have to grill, you may want to do that outdoors.
  • Use fans to boost the cooling effect.

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