The good side to using electronic door locks that can be regulated from your phone is that they’d help to increase the safety of your home. However, several consumer reports on the use of door locks have indicated that many smart locks have the same defect as normal locks.

The component that holds them to your door frame can easily break them. But did you know that you can strengthen your lock and give yourself peace of mind by spending a little money on an extra part?

If you set up a smart lock without getting an additional part, called a strike plate, hacking into your home will be easier than cracking. The intruder does not need to do much to access your home. All the intruder needs to gain entry into your home is to kick at the door in a well-positioned manner.


Set up a Kick in Test

Affordable Locks & Security Solutions can help you carry out a kick-in test. We first examine the extent to which a lock can withstand forceful strikes by using the component that comes with it. If it doesn’t score a good grade after testing, we set it up with a box strike, made fast with about four 2-inches screws.

Out of the almost 24 locks we examined, we discovered that only about six could withstand the forceful impacts of the component that came with them. However, they could withstand the destructive impacts and kicks after we held them in place with a box strike and longer screws.


Evaluate Your Current Lock

Examine the strike plates on the door jamb to evaluate the lock you’re currently using. If you notice that the lock’s bolt goes in through a rectangular strike plate opening, your lock is more open to attack or damage than you can imagine.

When the screws holding it in place are about 1 inch or even lesser, then opening the door forcefully might not be a big deal. The purpose of the strike plate is for safety and to give the lock a better hold on the door. At the same time, the purpose of the longer screw is to fasten it to the door frame.


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