It is possible to have one key for all your security lock systems.

When it comes to security and convenience, most people would like to know whether it is possible to use one key for all their doors. The simple answer is yes.

This can be accomplished by using a keyed-alike set of locks. These are lock systems that are all opened using one key.


Is Using A Master Key System A Good Idea?

Yes. To some extent. Having the same lock systems for all your doors can be good and bad at the same time.


Pros Of Using The Same Lock Systems


  • The pros of having a lock system that opens with a single key are convenience and ease. You don’t have to carry a bunch of keys around or remember which key opens which door.
  • It’s also easier to give friends access to different areas of your home, as you can simply give them a copy of the key rather than having multiple keys to keep track of.
  • Having your lock system open with one key can come in handy. This is because one of the problems of having many keys is that they can get lost easily.
  • Also, carrying many keys can cause undue strain on your clothing or pockets.


Cons Of Using Same Security Lock Systems


There are drawbacks to this arrangement having the same security locks.

  • If you lose one key you have lost them all, this means that you will have to reset your entire security lock system.
  • If someone gets ahold of that key everything will be unlocked. In addition, if you need to change out any of the door hardware you will have to get it keyed like with the rest of your doors.


How To Create One Key Security Lock Systems

There are various ways to make this happen, with varying levels of security. Creating one key security system depends on what type of lock you have, and whether or not you are replacing or rekeying the locks.


Here’s How:

Buy A Set Of Rekeyable Locks And Then Use The Same Set Of Keys For All Of Them

Affordable lock and security solutions are one of the places that you can access such security locks.

If you want to open the locks from both sides, you’ll need to buy deadbolts that require a key; these are sometimes called “double cylinder” deadbolts.


Keying Alike

If you have existing security locks, you can have them all open with the same key. Locksmiths have done it for years and have a special name for the technology, “keying alike”.

So, you can take all the house keys to your local certified locksmith and ask them to key the locks in your house alike so that one key will open them all.

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