Popular movies and TV shows describe a master key as the ability to bypass all security locks using a key, regardless of the cylinder type or the lock system in place. The movies also claim that there is only one master key—the one all burglars dream to possess.

Well, the reality is a little different.

While a master key can bypass several different security locks, it can’t open all of them. For another, depending on the type of master key system in place and how large the building is, a person can have multiple master keys for convenience. Since one key opens several doors, you don’t have to carry around a huge keyring to access your security lock systems.

Though master keys can be convenient in this way, there are a lot of risks in having a single key that easily bypasses several or all of your security locks. Hence, before creating one for your security lock systems, there should be due consideration.


Risks Of Master Keys For Security Lock Systems

When done right, master key systems create a hierarchy of lock systems within a building. Here, lower-tier keys only have access to their locks; higher-tier keys have access to several locks, and the top or master key has access to all or most security locks in the building.

This system is convenient because it reduces the need for bulky keyrings and provides access quickly in case of emergencies. A significant drawback is that if the master key is ever stolen or given to the wrong hands, it compromises the security of the lock systems in a way that is hard to recover from.

Here are some risky things to consider when using a master key system:

  • Stolen Keys: When a master key is stolen, the thief immediately gains the ability to bypass the building’s security measures to do away with whatever they want, day or night, until the issue is resolved. In the best case, this will cost the business a small fortune in theft or damages. In the worst case, the theft might not be realized until irreparable damage has been done and the business goes bankrupt.
  • Missing Keys: One of the biggest drawbacks to master keys is that, if the key goes missing, potentially falling into the wrong hands, it’s impossible to remove the access that the key has. In this case, the individual would have to rekey the entire building to preserve its security—which is a very costly endeavor.
  • Replacing Locks: With a master key system in place, replacing security locks becomes a pain because there is a possibility that the master key won’t provide access into the room—which defeats the whole purpose of having one.


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