Yes, they can! They say home is where the heart is. So, what happens when you can’t access yours? Getting locked out can be very frustrating. The excellent news is we have magicians for our security lock systems issues. Locksmiths can do everything and anything, from opening a lock to creating a new key without the original.


A Professional Locksmith Can Handle Your Security Lock Systems Needs

  • Can a locksmith open my door?

There is no need to damage your lock or door trying to get back into your own home. Locksmiths apply their skills and knowledge to facilitate non-destructive entry. There are a variety of techniques and tools to get the job done. These include:

  • Picking locks with hand pick or an electric pick gun;
  • Utilizing mortice lock decoders; and
  • Sliding open the lock latch to bypass the lock.

Locksmiths can utilize other unique tools like the letterbox tool.

Depending on your situation, a trained locksmith can use any of the above methodologies to sneak you back into your home.

  • Can locksmiths duplicate keys without the original?

As said earlier, the simple answer is yes. These include car keys, front or back keys, garage keys, etc. As expected, some keys are more complex and, therefore, harder to duplicate. Locksmiths make use of code cutters to determine the depth of the grooves in your key code. That’s all that is needed to give you a matching key. It may require special skills and knowledge so finding a certified locksmith is highly advisable.

  • Wish to rekey your lock without the original key?

When you start questioning your security, it may be time to upgrade your lock systems. Or probably you lost your keys, and they could be in the wrong hands. Locksmiths unlock security locks by removing the lock cylinder. Then they shift the lock to the unlock position for duplication.

  • Is there any limitation to duplicating lock systems?

Yes. A professional locksmith can duplicate any key under the sun. But there are legal restrictions to the extent of this ability. These laws impose conditions on certain types of lock systems as follows:


Security keys

This requires proof of registered ownership of the key for the locksmith to proceed with the duplication.


Licensed keys

The original locksmith holds the license of these keys. Therefore, you can only contact them for replacements.


Restricted keys

The original supplier can only duplicate these. But in this case, you can utilize the services of a local licensed locksmith if you can’t find or contact them.


Patented keys

They are legally protected and need the originating center manufacturer to replace or duplicate the key. Most times, originating centers make license agreements with the manufacturer supplying the keys. Have no idea about your manufacturer or originating center? Your local locksmith can get you the keys with proper authorization.

Efficient and effective security lock systems are the ticket to peace of mind. You can’t trust anyone to handle your security matters. Find an experienced, trained, and certified locksmith for guaranteed security. Nothing beats your and your loved ones’ safety, so pick diligently!