Although installing a security camera in your home is simple, choosing the appropriate security camera can be difficult. There are many home security camera systems to choose from, but the trick is figuring out which one best suits your needs. One of the most usually disregarded components of home security cameras, for example, is the expense of video capturing. Some providers charge a monthly fee to upload a video to their cloud, while others keep the most recent 24 hours of footage. Trust the premium brand names that Affordable Lock & Security Solutions utilizes if you want easy security camera installation in Tampa for your house or business.


Where can you Install Security Camera? 

Security camera Image resolutions, embedded systems, and cases vary widely among CCTV systems. Some commercial security cameras are used indoors, while others are used outside; some have pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. Others are designed to read license plates as they enter a parking garage. A security camera system is required for all companies because having camera footage of any crime on your land can assist in catching the offender. You can visit us for any help regarding security cameras in Tampa.


Placement guidelines for exterior security cameras

  • Install cameras at a distance of 8 to 10 feet from the ground. This height is low enough to catch delicate details yet sufficient to keep thieves and vandals at bay.
  • Do not point cameras directly at the sun. Bright flash in your footage generates glare and excessive contrast, making it difficult to tell what’s going on. Take into account the sun’s movement and orient your cameras for ambient lighting.
  • Choose whether the camera should be visible or hidden. Prominent video surveillance is an excellent deterrent to burglars but a target for theft and damage. Some homeowners prefer to conspicuously put a fake deceptive camera and back it up with a real, slightly more hidden camera.
  • Keep the camera away from the elements. Top exterior video surveillance is weatherproof and waterproof, but not all of them are created equal. Select a rated camera for your climate and install it under a roof or in another moderately spot if possible.


Placement guidelines for interior security cameras

  • Corners are your best buddy. Hanging an interior camera in the back corner usually provides the best view available.
  • Reflection problems might occur when using Windows. A camera’s image quality may suffer if it is pointed out the window. Infrared (IR) light technology is used in many security cameras, which aids in motion sensors and allows the cameras to operate in low light. IR radiation can reflect off of buildings and other glass items in the dark, obscuring your film. If your footage appears washed out or white, it’s most likely due to a reflection issue.
  • Indirect lighting at an angle. Direct light will, once again, wash out your footage. When using inside cameras, keep lamps, light fixtures, and dazzling glass in mind. Avoid pointing your camera straight at any of these sources of light.



Although not all homes are the same, everyone’s property deserves to be guarded. Security cameras are an excellent way of increasing your sense of security since they provide you with additional security on your property at all times. Affordable Lock & Security Solutions offers various approaches to satisfy the surveillance needs of businesses of all sizes. We can also set up various CCTV projects that provide you with remote video monitoring systems to view from your computer or smartphone. Would you please contact us to learn more about how our CCTV Tampa security systems assist you?