Most Americans are beefing up their outdoor security systems in the last few years. It may not boil down to feeling unsafe in their homes, but taking that extra step in security and knowing that your home is protected in case of any emergency. Not only do outdoor cameras help with burglaries or seeing who’s at the door, but they can help prevent the crime in the first place. Interior home security systems may not be apparent to burglars outside, but a camera right on your door or up near the roof certainly is visible, along with motion-sensor flood lights and sirens. But which security camera fitting is right for you and your home? We have a list of the cream of the crop in outdoor security cameras below, along with where to go in Ocala to snag these for yourself.


The Best Camera on A Budget

Looking for a good quality home security camera without breaking the bank? Blink XT is your best model for both functional and budgetary reasons. Their cameras can start at $69.99 which is the cheapest of all the cameras. And their mobile alerts and a small amount of Cloud storage is free as well, making it the cheapest of the security cameras overall. 


The cameras are easy to install and maintain, lasting about two years on batteries. The cameras aren’t overflowing with features but have good value for DIY cameras, including the standard 1080p camera resolution, motion detection, infrared recording at night and customizable zones. 


More Bang for Your Buck in Security Camera Fitting

If cost doesn’t mean much to you, then there are additional cameras to fit your preferences and needs. One of the overall top ranked cameras is Ring, not only for their wide range of cameras, but also for their specific power preferences, letting you decide between batteries, solar powered, or plug-in models. 


Ring also maintains the most features, allowing you to wirelessly connect your home security camera via Z-Wave radio chip to your Google, Amazon or Siri devices. The cameras range in price but the cheapest starts at $99, with features including 100-decibel sirens, LED flood lights, two-way talk, and infrared night vision. 

With Ring, you do have to pay a small fee each month for video storage, but it is the cheapest rate compared to other companies at $3 per month. Ring doesn’t allow for continuous recording, but will store all motion-sensored clips for up to sixty days.   


Another Model to Consider

If you’re feeling more like Goldilocks and don’t want the most feature driven, nor the cheapest model of home security camera, then Nest may be the happy medium you’re looking for. Nest is a leading competitor to the Ring, while having an edge in that Nest does offer continuous recording for those interested. Most models of cameras were easy to install and the best for DIY installation.  


They have a few models to choose from, including traditional outdoor security cameras to doorbell installations. For a higher monthly fee, Nest also offers professional monitoring services which include text alerts and the ability to send out police or firefighters in case of emergency. Nest is a little pricier when it comes to saving long-term security videos, costing upwards of $30 a month; for only $5 a month, though, you can store security clips for five days.  


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