The importance of feeling safe at home cannot be understated. As a homeowner, the last thing you want is to live under the paranoia that your home is not the sanctuary it should be. Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, much more than a simple “locksmith near me,” has a few helpful safety tips to consider when assessing the security of your Ocala home.


Safety Tips Start With The Front Door


This may seem obvious, but the biggest deterrent to possible intrusion is your front door. Make sure each entrance to your home is secure, with stable door frames and hinges. All locks should be functioning and out of reach of openings such as a mail slot. If this is a new home, it’s good practice to change the locks right away to eliminate the possibility of a stranger owning keys to your home. Don’t wait to call a “locksmith near me” – be proactive in your home’s lock security. Furthermore, if your home sports sliding glass doors, use a window bar to obstruct the door’s tracks or install a door sensor to alert you if the glass breaks.


Other Entry Points: Your Windows And Garage 


Besides reinforcing your door locks, you should inspect your window latches to ensure they will effectively keep an intruder from accessing your home. If you want to increase your window security, add a window bar or another aforementioned glass sensor. Another entry point to consider is your garage. If your garage is attached to your home, make sure the house door is locked so that if someone gained entry to your garage, their intrusion would stop there. Securing the contents of your garage may also be a priority to you. If so, consider installing a smart garage door opener that syncs to your phone. By monitoring your garage door activity remotely, you can be aware of any unauthorized entries and correct for times when you forgot to close the garage door.


The Finishing Touch Of Lighting And An Updated Security System


A secure home is a well-lit home. Don’t overlook the importance of brightening the areas an intruder might be likely to wander through, such as backyard paths or your porch. If remembering to turn on lights every night is a pain, invest in timed lights, motion-activated lights, or even solar-powered lights, which automatically illuminate at dusk. Finally, your home should not go without a comprehensive security system. Not all systems are designed the same, so find a style and price-tag that fits your situation and needs. Ultimately, the system you choose should take into account the rate of crime in your neighborhood, the weak spots in your home, and the lifestyle of your family.


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