It is very smart to keep safe in your home. There are many benefits that come with a home safe. However, you must make sure you know what is and is not appropriate to keep in safes. Here at Affordable Lock & Security Solutions, we specialize in safes for sale. When it comes to the abundance of safes for home, we have all the information you need. We are conveniently located in Ocala. 


What Do We Keep in a Home Safe

The very items we often keep in a home safe are the ones that shouldn’t be there. These include valuables that aren’t inventoried, documents you rarely need and large sums of cash.


Other items such as insurance documents and priceless heirlooms also need to be stored in a safe place, but which valuables are best protected in a fireproof gun safe at home and which belong in a safe-deposit box at a bank? Our experts share their safe-keeping secrets.


Here is a list of items you should keep in a home safe:

  • Social Security cards
  • Passports
  • Insurance policies
  • Any “power of attorney” documents


A good way to think when gathering items to put into a safe is to think of anything of value to you — but not to a thief. This can be stored in a home safe. Take other irreplaceable items to the bank.


What about for a fireproof safe? These are usually anchored to a wall or the floor. Consider putting these items in your safe:

  • Documents you may need in a hurry
  • The original copy of your will
  • Certain personal treasures


However, the following items you should keep away from your home safe. We suggest storing these in a safety deposit box. 

  • Heirlooms, precious metals and other irreplaceable items such as jewelry
  • Documents you wouldn’t need outside regular bank hours
  • Photo and video inventories of your home
  • Sensitive computer data


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