Locks can be one of your home or business’s most important lines of defense. According to a survey, burglars would likely attempt a break-in if they needed more security, open doors, windows, detectable keys, and poor security systems.

Even though you might not be able to prevent every potential criminal from committing a crime, you can reduce the risk by installing a secure lock-and-key system. You and your business can simplify the process with a master lock system.

A master lock system or a master key system consists of a group of locks that allows two or more keys to operate a door. It can operate several locks (doors, cabinets, wardrobes) in the same master key system.

Before we dive into how a master key works, let’s first consider the concepts on which most keys are based.


Concept of a Lock and Key

In a deadlock, a cam is usually attached to a cylinder or plug inside a lock. The plug is what controls the forward and backward movement of the bolt.

When a key is inserted, it turns the cylinder lock one way while the cam moves in on the bolt before the door opens. The cam leaves the bolt when the cylinder is turned the second way, as the spring returns it to its place to ensure the door lock.

However, when the right key is inserted inside a plug or cylinder lock, the notches in the key push a series of pins of different lengths to different positions. Such that all the lower pins fully move into the plug and the upper pins entirely into the housing, a point known as the shear line. When there’s no key inserted, the upper pin is partly in the housing and partly in the plug, while the bottom pins rest inside the plug.

Some burglars understand this concept. That is why, without using a key, they can successfully access a house and carry out their plans.


How a Master Key Works?

A change key is a set of keys that can only open a particular lock. An example is a set of wardrobe keys that can only be used to open a wardrobe and cannot be used to open a door lock. But a master key can operate a door and a wardrobe lock in the same system.  If you’re using a master key lock for your home and office, the difference between a master key and the change keys is the cut-out. However, the shape and size may look similar.

Professional locksmiths work master pins inside the lock plug, which makes it possible for a master key to operate properly. Master pins are fixed right between the bottom and top pins mentioned earlier. When these master pins are well lined in the plug, the key and the plug can move freely.


Why Get a Master Lock System?

First, getting a master key system means restricting and controlling entry into your home and certain areas of your business premises. You can limit specific people to certain areas in your home and workplace while keeping the master key.

Second, if your master key is well-cut and designed, it makes you feel convenient. It reduces the number of keys you must carry since one key can open many doors.

Furthermore, it is cost-effective compared to electronic lock systems in terms of installation and maintenance. If you’re on a low budget, a master key system will be a good idea.


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