Electronic keycards have become popular in very many industries today. This is because they are the most suitable way of enhancing security. Electronic keycard systems facilitate much ease when it comes to entrances and exits of employees in a building. The keyless access control comes with a variety of options for one to choose from. There are different kinds of keycards and key fob door entry systems, each with pros and cons. There are various factors you will have to consider to find the most suitable key card systems.

There are many benefits attributed to keycard access control systems. For one, they can quickly be provisioned for access to multiple doors. They can provide restrictions for certain times, certain access levels, or specific numbers of unlocks. They also offer remote deactivation capability and fit snugly into one’s wallet or cardholder.

What is a keycard?

A keycard is a security token that permits you to access electronically powered doors. The systems require a keycard reader, usually installed on the door. You gain access by either tapping the card on the reader, swiping it, or inserting it. The keycards make it easy for users because they will not have to use the traditional key to gain access.

Once the reader recognizes the access credential, it then communicates with the door lock. The smart access control reader is then wired to an electric lock on the door and sends a signal to unlock. If the system is impeccable, the entire process takes a second, and the door is opened.

Types of keycards and key fobs

In as much as keycards are of various types, they all perform a similar function. Familiarizing yourself with the differences and similarities between the most common options available in the market will help you find the right electronic keycard system. The first type is the Wiegand keycards. It is one of the first types to be developed. They are outdated but more durable because they do not use a microchip or other breakable components. The swipe key cards are similar to ordinary credit cards that we use today. They have a magnetic stripe that covers the critical information on the card and is less expensive than the other readers. There are also proximity cards, RFID cards, and RFID fobs which are the most commonly used. They are configured to allow for time restrictions and special location permissions on individual components.

Alternatives to keycard and fob systems

Since keycard entry systems come with their advantages and disadvantages, it is crucial to find alternatives to counter the disadvantages. The most attractive option is the mobile access control. This allows you to use the credentials on your phone to unlock the doors. This is done by using the RFID and Bluetooth chips on the phone. A cloud-based system is another alternative that would benefit the management or the admins. This system does not need localized servers, making it easily scalable to include more doors. This way, the organization gets to save money on maintenance. Another alternative would be the completely touchless access control that responds to motion detection.

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