Looking for a break from the conventional lock and key system? Enter the world of keyless entry with Affordable Lock and Security Solutions. As the name itself suggests, our keyless entry systems do not require you to have a physical key. There are three types of auto keyless entry systems in Tampa, and they come in various sizes, types and shapes to suit your needs and preferences. Let’s look at the different types of keyless entry systems and learn about how they work.


Combined Keypad and Keyless Locks

The keyless locks with a combined keypad are among the most straightforward keyless systems to install and implement. They offer an added layer of security. However, they have a downside. You cannot access your combined keypad keyless lock remotely. To gain access, someone aware of the correct combination has to be physically present to unlock the system. More advanced keyless lock systems have been developed that allow remote access. You do not have to be present in the vicinity to either unlock the system or resolve any issues that might arise.


Key Fob Entry Systems

These entry systems only require a smart card or key fob to unlock the system. The advanced technology used in this system makes it easier to onboard employees and recruits. Like the combined keypad keyless locks, key fob entry systems also have the disadvantage of not being accessed remotely. However, the key fob system is more flexible when it comes to administrators and users. For administrative purposes, deactivating someone’s card or restricting their access is easy, especially in cases when their smart card or fob key gets lost or stolen. Compared to the traditional keyless entry systems, this is a significant advantage since traditional systems can take extended hours and manual labor to do the same job.


Smart Locks Keyless Entry Systems

The third, most popular, and advanced type of keyless entry system consists of smart locks. Unlike combined keypad locks and key fob systems, the smart lock system has the upper hand due to its advantage of offering remote access. These systems tap into the world of wireless systems and use WiFi, Bluetooth, or Z-Wave to allow remote access to the keyless entry system. Smart locks can have either a keyed lock, a keycard, or a combination of both.

You can access the system remotely through your smartphone, administer it, and resolve any issues that might arise. Not only are they mobile-friendly, but your smart lock will also be linked to the cloud, thus making them even more flexible and an ideal solution for business use. The cloud-based software allows businesses to deal with breaches almost instantly and update their systems when any unwanted access is noticed. Another significant advantage that the smart locks systems offer is the ease of linking them to security cameras and smart alarms, thus boosting the security level.


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Security is an integral part of any home or office, and it should not cost you an arm or leg. With Affordable Lock and Security Solutions, you can now secure your home or workplace through our effortless keyless entry systems. Our affordable prices and quick installation process make us an ideal choice. Be it Brandon, Tampa, Ocala, Altamonte, Springs, and Clermont; you can avail of our services anywhere! Contact us today and say hello to the world of keyless entry systems and get rid of the conventional lock and key system. Access your home or workplace with this easy yet modern solution and amp up your security levels, creating a safer environment.