How much does a locksmith cost? Find out locksmith prices in this guide now! As one of the best locksmiths who have serviced hundreds of customers in Tampa, Affordable Lock & Security Solutions is giving the correct information on the locksmith cost. Also, this guide on pricing will facilitate an accurate understanding of everything you need to know about locksmith services.

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

During regular hours, it will cost less than $150 to unlock a house or a car. What is included in these unlock fees? It comprises the service call charge and the cost of undertaking the work. Nevertheless, some locksmith companies today might charge less than $125 to unlock your door. But at any rate, be prepared to pay between $150 to $175 to unlock a door or vehicle in most states. The prices can be lower in other places, but not by a significant amount. So, steer clear of locksmiths that charge from $19 to $39 for a service call. They will do a terrible job and rip you off!

The Average Cost To Rekey And Duplicate

If you want to rekey your home now, it will cost you about $175. This cost depends on several factors. One of the factors is the number of locks. To duplicate a car key with a transponder chip, you will spend less than $150. There are lots of variables involved when it comes to the price of the car key. For example, key blanks can range between $7 to hundreds of dollars. The charges for adding a key to the vehicle can be free or up to $75. These factors and many more are what influence the prices of the car key. Based on your location, the rates can vary slightly too. But if you reside in Tampa, you should schedule your locksmith service with us at Affordable Lock & Security Solutions for a competitive price and quality services.

How To Get A Cheap Price

Most times, hiring a locksmith often happens during an emergency, so most people do not check the company’s reputation. However, you should not just trust any locksmith that significantly undercuts the ideal costs. They might overcharge you after the job. Take time to hire a credible and reputable locksmith. Not all locksmiths who promise to give reduced prices will deliver quality services. However, that does not mean you will not find the cheapest price with quality services. One of the vital factors to notice when hiring a credible locksmith is that they quote an exact price for regular services upfront. As one of the cheapest locksmiths, our quotes are within those ranges we mentioned above. But for more personalized service, you can contact us now!

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