The burglar alarm system is one of the best defenses against would-be burglars. However, one of the concerns of many homeowners is the cost. Well, the price of burglar alarm systems is based on several factors. These include the complexity of the system, the number of sensors used, and the type of alarm. As a perfect guide, the goal of this article is to present an average cost that takes into consideration all these variations. But if you want to get precise quotes from a local supplier in Ocala, Affordable Lock & Security Solutions has got you covered! We offer affordable services and the best home security systems Ocala FL locals swear by!

Burglar Alarms: Home Security Systems Ocala FL

To install a bells-only box containing two to three infrared sensors, you can expect the price range to be from $175 to $415. If you are interested in adding an alert system that alerts you and ten other individuals when a break-in happens, prices might go from $241 to $484. Remember that you will incur additional expenses with this option if you install a landline. For each sensor added, be ready to pay from $55 to $152 per item.

The Cost Of Installing Burglar Alarm Systems

Now that you’ve gotten a better idea of the price for your home security system, the next question that begs for an answer is, how much will the burglar alarm installation cost? The cost also depends on the number of sensors and the type of sensors installed around your home. If it is a wired alarm, the cost of running cables will also impact the installation cost. For professional installation, be prepared to pay from $553 to $1104. Many homeowners agree that a monitoring system offers the best security. Therefore, will you be adding that to your home? Be ready to bear any extra cost for the installation!

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We are experts in the installation of burglar alarms. Our services are affordable, and we will also help you decide the best home security system that is perfect for your circumstances. Often, homeowners are confused as to where they should put their sensors. By speaking with one of our professionals today, we’ll give you the best advice on where you should fix your sensors. We strongly believe that securing your home shouldn’t make you break your bank. And that is the goal of our services. With us, you can protect what matters to you and your family today!

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