Getting a good home security system can prevent you from getting into danger. However, the quality of the equipment depends on the pricing. The better the security system, the higher the price would go. That is why when you think of investing in home security in Ocala, Florida, your question is, how much would it cost? Getting a burglar alarm is a very sound decision. It would alert you every time an intruder is in your home. Contact Affordable Lock and Security System to get your house protected well by proper security systems installation. We provide the best quality security products and exceptional services at a very affordable cost.

A burglar alarm is a security system that would alert you when there is an intrusion in your home. However, knowing the cost of these alarms isn’t always easy as there are different styles and specifications, due to which the cost of these alarms may vary.


Why is burglar Alarm Needed?

Well, for starters, it is evident that the primary purpose of getting an Alarm is to get an alert in case of a robbery in your house. It would inform you even before the robbery occurs. However, you can get a few more benefits if you invest in home security systems Ocala fl.

By installing security systems in your homes, you can peacefully enjoy your vacations without a worry in the world. It would provide you peace of mind when you are away from home. It would also reduce your home insurance premium as your property is more secure, making the chances of it getting robbed less, which reduces your insurance premium. It would also increase the worth of your property.


Cost of The Burglar Alarm:

There are several different types of alarms whose prices depend on their efficiency and their work. Different factors also need to be counted when calculating the cost of the burglar alarms, like installation cost and maintenance, etc.

If you install a monitoring alarm, it would cost you around $10 to $65 per month. This cost includes being monitored 24/7 by professionals. Whenever there is an intruder, it would ring the bell as well as alert the police. There are also additional fees for getting monitoring devices; activating it would cost approximately $200, depending on the company and services of the security system you choose.

There are two more services options: the landline Monitored service costs you around $20 to $30 per month. They used to be the go-to till the consumers shifted to mobile phones. The other service is the GSM chip monitoring service that offers wireless tracking. Just like landlines, they would alert you but on your cellular networks. GSM Chip monitoring system’s costs range from $10 to $65 per month. Since These are wireless monitoring services, they’re expensive in comparison to the wired monitoring service.

Some other expenses include installation and maintenance. On average, the installation cost would be $685 and can range anywhere between $280 to $1,090 depending on the company and service you are choosing. However, apart from this, the basic equipment package would cost around $600, including a control panel, sensor, and siren.


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Installing burglar alarms can protect your property from theft or burglars and alert you when there is any intrusion. That’s why knowing how much it would cost you to protect your home is a responsible decision. If you are looking for your home security in Ocala Florida, contact the Affordable lock and security solution and get a free consultation on all your needs today. Call or text us at (352) 629-0497 to get your home secured by one of the best home security systems ocala fl providers. Visit for more information.