Imagine not having to turn the lights at your home on and off, or making your coffee in the morning, not having to go back downstairs to turn the light off after you already got into bed.

Things can be easier and cheaper with a home automation system.

Here is everything you need to know about a home automation system


What is A Home Automation System? 

A home automation system is a system that allows you to operate various appliances and activities in your home in an automated way. Using an electronic device like a phone, you can run appliances like your coffee maker, door lock, or home security.

The gadgets you connect to your systems, like the coffee maker and security cameras or locks, are referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), while the system is referred to as the home automation system.


How Does The Home Automation System Work? 

Home automation works through connecting devices by connection protocols like Bluetooth through the internet. You can use various connection mediums to control the devices such as apps, voice, and google assistants.

You use the system on devices you use regularly. Once they are connected, you can operate them remotely, meaning that you can control them from wherever you are, through a smartphone connected to the system.

Home automation systems work through 3 primary components: sensors, controllers, and actuators.



The system can have sensors that detect various surrounding aspects, such as temperature, and motion. Depending on your settings, the system will monitor, sense any changes, and cause an action.

An example of this aspect of the system is how lights turn up in a room when you get in, or on the corridor when you pass by.



In the home automation system, the controllers are the core intelligence of the entire system. They make it possible to operate any device connected to the system remotely through your phone.



This aspect of a home automation system makes it possible for devices to be connected and affect each other.

Why Do You Need A Home Automation System?

For Convenience and comfort

Home automated systems make your life easier and more comfortable. For example, when a coffee maker can make coffee from the press of a button on your phone, and you wake up to take it.

Saves Money

This system saves you money by avoiding unnecessary energy use. For example, you don’t have to leave the lights on in a corridor because it will light up only when needed with motion sensors.

Increases Security

An automated home system enhances security in your home and allows you to monitor your home at all times.


Where Can You Get A Home Automation System?

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