Your security camera is only as good as what it can see. To get the most out of it, you have to understand basic optics. You also need to understand how cameras work. This will enable you to leverage all your camera’s capabilities to the maximum.

The CCTV camera is an essential element of your security, something that Affordable Lock & Security Solutions located in Tampa fully understands. You should understand how well and how far it sees from different points of your property. This will help with the proper security camera installation.

You studied the optic principles that govern how a camera works at some point in your academic life. But it is fine if you don’t remember. This article will outline them again for your benefit.

Take a look at factors that influence how far, how wide and how clearly your camera sees.

More about CCTV Camera

  • The Focal Length

This is the length between the center of the curved lens and its optical center. This is determined when the lens is focused on infinity. The important thing you should note, the focal length determines how far and how wide your camera can see.

The focal length of your CCTV camera is expressed in mm. The larger the number expressed, the narrower the angle and vice versa. The larger the focal length, the farther your camera can see, but with fewer details at greater clarity. 2.8mm and 3mm are considered wide-angle.

Security cameras come in focal lengths of 4mm or 6mm. The 4mm can see to a distance of 6m. This makes it ideal for monitoring small areas.

The 6mm can see to a distance of 120ft and is ideal for covering driveways and front entrances.

  • Field of View

This is the part you can see through the camera. It refers to the camera’s vertical and horizontal view. The field of view is measured in vertical and horizontal degrees.

Our 4mm lens camera with an angle of 61.93degrees gives you a line of sight of 120 feet at a distance of 100m.

  • Resolution 

The camera resolution determines the clarity with which the images can be seen. It is indicated in pixels. These are tiny dots that represent portions of the image. They are counted per square inch. The denser the dots are per square inch, the more clear the image is.

There are cameras capable of capturing images up to 8 million pixels per square inch. The other popular capabilities on the market are 2MP, 4MP, 5MP, and 4K.

Other Factors

The quality of the camera you buy is important in determining how far and the clarity of the images you see. A higher-quality camera performs better than a cheaper camera with similar specifications. It may cost more initially but will be worth it.

Lighting, obstacles, and weather also affect how far your CCTV camera sees.

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