Around $35 million worth of goods are stolen from retailers every single day, according to numbers released by  the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP). More staggeringly, only one in every 48 shoplifters get caught, and only about half of them are actually prosecuted. The good news is that there are many ways business owners are able to prevent people from stealing merchandise, but they have to be able to recognize the signs. Read on to learn more about five top indications somebody may be shoplifting from your business. Affordable Lock & Security Solutions is dedicated to home and business security in the Ocala area. If you’re looking for safes for sale and security cameras system, call Affordable Lock & Security Solutions today!


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While the following signs aren’t necessarily guarantees that somebody is shoplifting, there are certain commonalities seen in shoplifters. Makes sure to be informed regarding these signs when you are trying to identify shoplifters. It’s important to be informed in order to protect the security of your business without potentially driving away or offending legitimate clientele and customers.


  • Large groups- Shoplifters often work in groups. You should be wary when a large group comes into your store and causes a disturbance. A lot of times, shoplifters will use this tactic in order to distract employees as a cover to steal merchandise. Make sure to ask for assistance, if needed, to keep an eye on the larger party. 
  • Hovering or loitering- Shoplifters sometimes may hang outside or inside the store for long periods of time, and if you notice this suspicious activity in your store, make sure to ask if they need help finding what they’re looking for. If they continue to hover, it’s likely that they may be waiting for the right moment to conduct shoplifting activity.
  • Nervousness- If you spot somebody who looks abnormally nervous, then it’s probably a good sign that they’re up to something suspicious. Shifty eyes, pacing, or picking up items that they have no interest in can all be categorized as suspicious activity.


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Here are some more indicators that you may have a shoplifter in your business from top provider of safes for sale in the Ocala area, Affordable Lock & Security Solutions.

  • Loose clothing and large bags- Take into account the suspects clothing. If they are wearing large, bulky coats during warm weather, or clothing that looks unnecessarily large then they may be trying to hide items underneath. Moreover, short or abnormal steps can also indicate that somebody is attempting to conceal items underneath or inside clothing. 
  • Leaving fitting rooms with less items- Fitting rooms can be the perfect cover for people who are trying to shoplift, due to the fact that store owners are unable to install cameras in these areas. If somebody takes several items into a fitting room and leaves with less or none at all, then there is a chance that they are stealing. Make sure to be aware of the number of items that they enter and exit the fitting rooms with.


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There are certain aspects of business security to be aware of. If you’re looking for safes for sale in the Ocala area, call Affordable Lock & Security Solutions today!

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