Are you seeking new business security cameras? Does seeing your whole property on your smartphone to prevent crimes appeal to you? Security camera installation can allow you that opportunity. Security cameras from Affordable Lock & Security Solutions in Ocala can be installed inside or outside, are adjustable, and some identify the license plates of vehicles parking on your site. Their recordings will both help to catch criminals and help determine the vulnerabilities existing in security protocols, preventing future crime.


Necessary Parts Of Business Security Cameras Systems 

In order to install a working system, four components are necessary: a camera network, hard drives, cables, and a network video recorder. Below, these components are explained, so you can be informed in seeking a security camera installation.


  • Camera Network
    • Which cameras you choose is dependent on your budget, the location of the cameras, the required resolution, and the mobility features you desire.
  • Wiring
    • Wired cameras are the best choice for permanent and frequently used cameras. For the most common cameras, you will need Cat5E or Cat6 wiring. These wires provide both networking and powering capabilities, using minimal cables.
  • Video Recorder
    • A Network Recorder grants you the ability to record, store it on your hard drive, and transmit it, allowing all feeds to be viewed in a single place.
  • Hard Drives
    • How much storage space you need can be calculated based on the video amount you are saving and the resolution of your cameras.


Security Camera Kinds 

In order to complete a successful security camera installation, the choice of camera type is paramount. It is essential to make an informed choice based on each kid’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Bullet
    • Linear cameras that are designed to fit in small spaces
    • Allow for IR or night-vision
    • Good range with the ability to zoom
    • Easily identifiable, good deterrent
    • Durable, but vulnerable to wildlife damage
  • Dome
    • Black and domed
    • Better visibility than the bullet
    • More durable and discreet
  • Turret
    • Ball-and-socket type 
    • Work well in warehouses
    • Less vandal-proof
    • Better in low-light situations
  • PTZ
    • Less durable
    • More versatile
    • Allow for tracking people or vehicles
    • Focusable, allowing visibility of faces and license plates
  • Fisheye
    • Provides a wide view
    • Suitable for warehouses and lots
    • Less likely to fail mechanically, more reliable
  • Multiple Sensor
    • Similar view as a fisheye with less distortion
    • Better in low-light 
  • Doorbell
    • Combines with intercom
    • Smartphone interface
  • Wireless
    • Uses WiFi
    • Best for small spaces


Installment Procedures For Security Cameras 

Camera placement is paramount; the best places are the front and back entrance, ground-level windows, and building corners while avoiding blind spots. Be sure to install weatherproofed cameras outdoors and choose cameras suited to lighting. Decide whether to leave cameras visible or hidden; both have their advantages. If durability is necessary, it is possible to use outdoor cameras indoors as well. 


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