Tourists, guests, one night travelers, vacationers, hotels have the responsibility to keep all their guests safe, making automation systems a vital tool. Tampa is protected with our Affordable Lock & Security Solutions. Implemented into the hotel industry, it makes security systems do more than provide added measure, but intrusion alarms, video surveillance, control, and business automation to protect its staff and profits. Reasons why it’s important boil down to these 5 tips!

5 Benefits of Automation Systems

    • Intrusion Alarms: They safeguard not only the guests of the hotel but protect the vulnerable points of entries and exits.
    • Access Control: This system protects any theft of merchandise or financials. This is a common problem and access to control systems will protect hotel assets.
    • Excellent Customer Service: With video surveillance and other CCTV systems, this aids managers to ensure their guests receive the best service and allow them to monitor practices, wait times, traffic flow, and many more options.
    • Improved Security: With added video surveillance, it will detect any physical crimes and thwart predators where hotels have been vulnerable. 
  • Energy Consumption: A hotel needs to be ready for guests’ arrival at any moment, and it’s vital to monitor the hotel’s consumption of energy. With automation systems, it will provide a successful environment to reduce energy consumption.

Among these five benefits, others including improved productivity and risk damage have also been seen across studies. Systems will serve as the validation of the service personnel and technical to improve efficiency. It will also improve damages in the event of an accident or attempted fraud.

The Future of Automation Systems

Hotels have seen the technology trend and are adopting systems into their guests’ experience. One example is the New York’s Baccarat hotel, where they have 15,000 pieces of handmade crystal and automated lightening scenes to enhance their guests’ stay. They also made it available for guests to use bluetooth and their phones control everything in the room, including the TVs. Other automation systems allow guests to search for nearby attractions with voice command or adjust the temperature in their room.

The benefit of energy savings has attracted many hotels to operational costs and improvement to service teams. Status of service devices and sensors will easily indicate which units are in need of maintenance or to be replaced, rather than waiting for guests to report such complaints. Automation systems are changing the future and guests’ experience of hotel stays.

Set Up Your Hotel Experience

Affordable Lock & Security Solutions provide the top guests experience with their safety measures and enhanced guest experience. Tampa will have the best experience with the fully automation systems and protection with an enjoyable experience at your hotel. 

We address your needs with custom operational needs with designers, architects, and engineering teams for your guests comfort. If guests cannot figure out how to use the devices, the negative response will not look good. We’ll set you up correctly for all positive reviews. Don’t wait, stay ahead of the game and reduce costs. Contact us today for an upgrade!